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New College of Florida is a public college of the liberal arts that is a part of the State University System of Florida and is located in Sarasota, Florida. The college strives to maintain the free spirit of knowledge and open its academics to interdisciplinary studies and a basing in the liberal arts and sciences. This gives students all of the options that they need when pursuing education in addition to access to peripheral fields of study that students can independently engage in. With that aside, New College of Florida admits very selectively and caters to top students from around the country.

New College of Florida currently does not host distance learning education programs nor does it feature online classes. Currently, New College of Florida, as the name denotes, is still under development and this is likely the reason that the college lacks distance learning capabilities. With the support of the state and top students pouring in from around the country, the college is apt to implement online courses soon enough. These will eventually turn into full distance learning degree programs.

What’s unique about the curriculum is that students all enroll in the liberal arts and sciences. This almost always leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts or a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies which can be tuned to accommodate a specific concentration, say, in Psychology or Criminal Justice. Since students are of the topmost rank in their class, the programs are responsively high quality and must cater to the demands of students that need top quality instructors, facilities, and education materials. This has contributed vastly towards the advancement of New College of Florida to high ranks at the national level. In turn, this attracts more and more national students and greatly forwards the progress of an online program.

Since New College of Florida is that of a baccalaureate college, only undergraduate rates apply for tuition. Also, due to New College of Florida’s public status tuition varies by status of residence. Resident undergraduate students pay $2,953 per year when enrolling full-time and there is no part-time enrollment currently offered or arranged at the college. Non-resident undergraduates pay $21,657 per year when enrolling full-time at New College of Florida.

Federal grants, mainly FAFSA and Pell Grants, reach the pockets of 1 out of 6 financial aid recipients at New College of Florida. State and local grants are distributed to approximately 3 out of 4 students in any given term or semester. New College of Florida supplies grants and tuition aid to 97% of students in the form of scholarships and grant based on a variety of factors, mainly academic merit.

New College of Florida is designed to be a top college for competitive students around the nation (most likely around the world, eventually). Distance learners may not yet have the opportunity to complete a degree or course at New College of Florida just yet, but these programs will appear in the near future.

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