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The New England College of Optometry is the oldest higher institution of optometry that has continually operated and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. NECO strives to prepare students pursuing the field of Optometry for successful careers with meaning and the peripheral knowledge to help them adapt and conquer the challenges of this profession. The student body is said to be one of the most diverse of any optometry college. NECO offers students the resources and style of a large university while maintaining small class sizes and enrollment. The student body consists of over 400 students from the United States and 14 foreign countries.

Currently, the New England College of Optometry does not feature the capabilities of distance education nor any number of online classes. As is the case with most colleges and universities around the United States, the New England College of Optometry will eventually feature online education as a part of its standard curriculum. Usually, distance education starts with online courses which are apt to appear soon and distance learners can expect opportunities to arise soon.

The main methods of practice that are taught at NECO are Ophthalmic and Optometric Support Services. Many of these students pursue a Master’s degree, but most pursue a terminal degree. Holding the terminal degree in the field of optometry qualifies the student for standard optometric practices in addition to fields and vocations like Optical Aid Development, Vision Science, and other subsidiary eye care professions.

The two respective degrees are listed as the Master of Science in Vision Science and the Doctor of Optometry (O.D.). Either of these degrees are completed at the graduate level and are designed to build upon a previously established degree, such as the Bachelor of Science in Vision Science. It should be noted that the New England College of Optometry does not offer undergraduate education and should be approached by graduate students or equivalently qualified students only.

Since the New England College of Optometry is a graduate institution, only graduate tuition rates apply. There are also no full-time enrollment tuition rates, only the total cost of credits at the end of each semester. The graduate part-time rate per credit hour is $1,163, and there seem to be no other peripheral fees or dues to accompany this.

The magnitude and distribution of financial aid is not precisely known, but what is certain is that the majority of students at the New England College of Optometry have been able to procure financial aid in some form and to some degree. The New England College of Optometry has some financial aid instruments that students can manipulate, namely scholarships based on a variety of factors, mostly prior academic performance.

The New England College of Optometry is a wellspring for graduate students in optometry to pursue their master’s or doctorate degree. Distance learners may not yet have an opportunity to participate in New England College’s programs just yet, but online classes are likely to appear in the near future.

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    I wish to know when distance optometry course will start.

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    I’d like to apply for optometry degree through distance.

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    Pls let me know the fees structure for master degree, contact details ,

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