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The New England Institute of Technology is a not-for-profit college of technical studies that is located in Warwick, Rhode Island. The New England Institute of Technology is undisputedly the leader in technical, career-oriented education in the Southeastern portion of New England. The skills that are taught and maintained at the New England Institute of Technology are up-to-date, in-demand vocational and professional skills that are kept at the competitive edge of technology. Students earn their associate’s and bachelor’s degrees from dedicated instructors that bring in-depth and current knowledge to the classroom preparing their students for the real world and beyond.

Online programs and courses are hosted by the Center for Technology and Industry at NEIT. Students have a small variety of training programs to choose from that span such topics as software, healthcare, professional skills, and design. Online classes hosted at the New England Institute of Technology are offered in partnership with Ed2Go, or otherwise hosted directly through the institute itself.

Distance learners can earn a certificate or otherwise take credits earned online to another institution for degree completion. There is also the option of participating in one of New England Tech’s online degree programs that allow the student to receive their credential 100% online. One such online degree program is titled Network Engineering & Computer Servicing Technology which leads to the conferring of an Associate’s degree. This program provides courses in Software Engineering Technology and Network Engineering Technology to prepare students for their individual concentrations in academic quarters 4 through 6.

Another program is titled Software Engineering Technology. This program is designed with similar courses in mind, but with the balance shifted over towards Software Engineering. Students learn about different programming languages, such as XHTML, VB.NET, Javascript, C++, and Oracle. Also available are certificates in Microsoft & Networking, Healthcare, Business & Professional Skills, CompTIA A+, Media Design & Web, and Surgical Technology.

Although there are some Master’s programs available at the New England Institute of Technology, tuition rates are primarily baccalaureate and only those rates apply for tuition. Undergraduate students should expect to pay $16,200 per year when enrolling full-time and $320 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Students enrolled in Master’s level programs should expect to pay the same rates as undergraduate students.

The New England Institute of Technology supplies almost 6 in 10 financial aid recipients with scholarships, grants, and other non-repayable forms of financial aid on average every year. Federal grants are responsible for roughly 1 out of 3 students on average any given year. State and local resources combine to supply approximately 1 out of 7 students with grants and awards. In total, 8 out of 9 students are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

The New England Institute of Technology is the reasonably priced option in technical schooling that students from all over the country enroll in. Distance learners have the opportunity of earning their degree at the two-year level before progressing on to baccalaureate qualifications. Opportunities like this are apt to expand with each coming year.

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