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The New England School of Communications is a college of the liberal arts situated in Bangor, Maine. The New England School of Communications, abbreviated NESCom, offers degrees and courses in the subjects of Audio Engineering, Live Sound Technology, Video Production, Web-based Media, Journalism, Marketing Communications, Radio Broadcasting, and Sports Journalism. Students are given opportunities to work with real-world environments and immersive experience that prepares them for the professions they pursue with irreplaceable and unmatchable education experience. Students that are pursuing either Communications Technology concentrations or Media Studies Concentrations will find all the resources and educational materials they need at NESCom.

Currently, NESCom doesn’t feature any distance learning opportunities or online courses that distance learners can partake in. This is most likely due to the fact that Communications is technology intensive and can’t necessarily interface this education over the web. There are some Communications departments in schools across the country that have achieved this, however. Online classes for Journalism and Media Studies will certainly appear in the near future and it is only a matter of time before distance learners can participate in NESCom’s academics.

Most students at the school participate in Communications Technology programs with various emphasis in different fields. Some students become technicians while others assume more directive roles. Marketing majors at the New England School of Communications are often pursuing their degree in order to fill the role of Marketing Film and Audio supervisors, technicians, or directors in various operations, like television commercial applications or even feature films.

NESCom is also a good place to learn about Audio Engineering Technology, for in any vocation or major dealing with audio communications has to pay attention to sound quality and dynamics. Thusly, students receive an education in topics like mixing, signal processing, and signal routing with detail and focus that equates to many music production schools around the country.

Since the New England School of Communications is mainly concerned with undergraduate level vocational and career-oriented training, only undergraduate tuition rates apply. Full-time students enrolling at NESCom should expect to pay $10,390 per year and part-time students should expect to pay $345 per credit hour. Although the cost of education at NESCom is already reasonable and affordable, financial aid is given to most students on campus.

Federal grants, for one, account for the financial aid of approximately 4 out of 10 financial aid recipients on average each year. State and local grants combine to supply roughly the same portion of the student populace and federal sources do. The New England School of Communications itself features a select array of scholarships and grants and awards these tuition aids to 1 out of 11 students, but not in good amounts.

Students that want to work behind the scenes of major television productions, marketing strategies, and on the screen should choose the New England School of Communications. Distance learners may not yet have the opportunity to participate in NESCom’s quality academics, but online courses and eventual distance learning programs will be delivered soon enough.

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  1. mesumbe primus mbese says:

    i hold the city&guilds of london institute part two&three;also and HND all in TELECOMS.i wish to persue a BSC by dista.nce learning. i am a Cameroonian, and i work for CAMEROON TELECOMS COMPAhNY.How long and how much will it cost me

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