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The New England School of Law is a law school of private status located in Boston, Massachusetts. New England Law is primarily focused in preparing its students for successful careers as both lawyers and leaders in public or private sectors. Education is that of practical, theoretical, and ethical education all integrated into a singular experience taught with quality and rigor of the highest caliber. Through these means, New England Law has helped improve American, foreign, and international systems of law both by supplying highly qualified individuals working in this field and through research and publication.

Currently, New England Law doesn’t feature distance education programs nor does it feature online classes that distance learners can participate in. Most law schools, colleges, and universities have successfully implemented online education programs and distance learning platforms that have led to certifications and degrees at the graduate and undergraduate level. New England Law is apt to begin work in online curriculum if it hasn’t done so already. Distance learners can expect educational resources to arise from New England Law in the near future.

There are two degrees or main paths of education that students can take: the Juris Doctor (J.D.) program, or students can take the Master of Law (LL.M.) program in Advanced Legal Studies. Students that have received their education from institutions outside the United States often opt to participate in the Master’s program to increase their knowledge of international law, or qualify themselves for litigation in American law. Other students choose the path of the Juris Doctor degree and pursue a standard set course in law studies leading to their eventual careers as lawyers.

There are many paces at which students can take their education. Some students can participate in the Full-time Day Division, for example, and achieve their qualifications in 3 years. Others may take a part-time program and achieve their degree in 6 years. Regardless of pace and order, 93.6 percent of New England Law students clear the Bar Examination, surpassing the statewide average.

Since the New England School of Law is a graduate institution, only graduate rates apply. There are no rates, per se, but there are some enrollment-types that feature a one-time cost, while others pay per unit. Students in the full-time program should expect to pay $39,910 per year and students in the part-time program pay the annual fee of $29,910. For the special part-time program, the program that runs the length of 6 years, students pay $1,660 per credit hour.

The magnitude and dispersive percentage of financial aid at New England Law is not precisely known, however, what is certain is that most students at the school are able to procure financial aid in some form and to some degree. Students at New England Law become distinguished, renowned legal workers and lawyers. Distance learners mayn’t yet have the opportunity to partake in online programs, however opportunities like these are not only lucrative for the school, but entirely possible and on their way soon.

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