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The New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology is a science engineering research university located in Socorro, New Mexico. New Mexico Tech aims its academics at the diverse and growing population of New Mexico and integrates research, public service, and education by emphasizing science, natural resources, and engineering in many different fields. In this way, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology hopes to spawn students that can use creative approaches in order to tackle issues of great complexity and magnitude. For reasons like these, students from all over New Mexico, the United States and the world come to study here.

There is a great selection of online courses and online degrees that distance learners can take advantage of and get ahead with. Online degrees are only offered at the Master’s level and are designed to compound upon previously existing baccalaureate degrees or the equivalent in credits. Courses taught online at New Mexico Tech are taught by New Mexico Tech teachers and staff, as opposed to being contracted through a third party source. Best of all, degrees and credits earned at New Mexico Tech receive the attention and accredited backing that on-campus courses do just the same.

Students can earn their Master of Engineering Management, a Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering, a Master of Science in Materials Engineering, a Master of Science for Teachers, and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Each of these degrees can be earned at a standard pace or an accelerated pace dependent upon the student’s learning preference. Also, there is the option of taking online courses individually for part-time or independent study.

Some course titles include, but are not limited to Theory of Elasticity, Introduction to Physical Metallurgy, Marketing Technology, Complex Financial Systems, Introduction to Sensor Networks, Intro to Legal & Ethical Issues in Technical Organizations, and Human Evolution. Most of these courses are the exact same price. Other courses have extra fees as a result of the facilities used.

Since the New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology is that of public status, tuition rates depend on the student’s status of residency. Resident/Non-resident undergraduate students should expect to pay $3,792/$11,984 per year when enrolling full-time and, when enrolling part-time, $158/$499 per credit hour. Resident/Non-resident graduate students, when enrolling on a full-time basis, should expect to pay $3,960/$12,734 and $220/$707 per credit hour when enrolling on a part-time basis.

97% of students attending New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology are receiving financial aid contributions in some form and to some degree. Federal grants are dispersed to approximately 1 out of 4 students while state/local aid combined supplies roughly 3 out of 4 financial aid recipients. New Mexico Tech itself supplies 85% of students with institutional grants and awards based mainly on academic merit, but also on a variety of other factors.

Distance learners can choose from a broad array of options at the graduate level and a decent selection at the undergraduate level when pursuing their education. New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology will likely expand its resources in the near future and offer even more classes and degrees.

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