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New Saint Andrews College is a Christian college of classical educational styling that is located in Moscow, Idaho. New Saint Andrews College has led the way in reviving the classical Christian liberal arts education and applying it to a modern setting. The educational style at New Saint Andrews is modeled after the education that shaped many of our founding fathers. Students can choose from the Languages, History, Culture of Classical Antiquity & Western Tradition, and Philosophy, among other classical topics. This curriculum is designed to prepare students fourfold, as members of society, members of the church, members of the community, and as members of a family.

New Saint Andrews College doesn’t yet feature distance education programs nor does it feature online programs. Due to the college’s commitment towards classical education stylings, it is uncertain as to whether or not the college will be extending its education to an online setting. Some classical-type colleges have chosen to expand their curriculum to include online teaching, however, and, if New Saint Andrews follows suit, will probably begin its online campaign by offering a starting group of courses that will expand in selection with time.

There are five credentials offered at New Saint Andrews College, with the education modeled after Harvard’s curriculum of 1693. Students can earn an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts & Culture, a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Culture, a Master of Arts in Trinitarian Theology & Culture, a Master of Studies in Classical Christian Studies, and a Graduate Certificate in Classical Christian Studies. All of these programs are taken at a standard, traditional pace, however, it may be possible to arrange for an accelerated course of study. All of these degrees share concentrations in different areas of study but are not known to be applied towards a specific vocation or practice.

Undergraduate students that are enrolling full-time should expect to pay $8,500 per year and, when enrolling part-time, $363 per credit hour. Graduate students should expect to pay $12,000 per year when enrolling full-time and $625 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. 17% of students on campus are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Since New Saint Andrews College is a classically styled college with traditional education protocol, neither federal aid or state aid is accepted when applying towards tuition. Instead, students apply for institutional grants at the college and 1 out of 6 students receive a scholarship or grant dependent upon a variety of factors. 2% of students partake in student loans.

New Saint Andrews College presents the rare opportunity for Christian students to peruse and experience a classical education of the highest caliber. Class sizes and the student body are kept small and focused, instruction is retroactive and pristine. Distance learners may not yet have an opportunity to learn at this college, but it is possible that New Saint Andrews College will feature distance education opportunities in the near future.

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