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New World School of the Arts is a combination high school and college that is located in Miami, Florida. New World School of the Arts serves as Florida’s prestigious, foremost hub of visual and performing arts. The school functions much like a conservatory in that it develops the various talents of students in such fields as music, dance, visual arts, and theater from the beginning high school level up through baccalaureate college education. The environment that New World School hosts is diverse and stimulating having wide range in both art and culture.

Being that the school is both a conservatory and a physical art school, distance education or online classes are not currently offered. Being that subjects like dance and visual arts require physical instruction, it is rather difficult for a school like New World School of the Arts to assemble an education that can be taught at a distance. Nevertheless, schools just like this one have successfully assembled online degree programs that can be completed at a difference and New World School of the Arts may just follow suit.

New World School of the Art is rather small, although it collects students from all over the state of Florida and has enrolled students from different parts of the country and, in some cases, the world. Most students pursue the visual arts which spans subjects like painting, drawing, sculpting, film, video production, etc. Other students pursue performing arts, like dance and music. Students that are in performance programs at New World have gone on to be a part of many high-scale and high-volume performance applications, in other words, fame, to some degree. Programs at New World School of Arts are not just known at the state level, but have crossed boundaries to be recognized from time to time at the national level based on the physical administering of the programs and the results they have garnered.

Since New World School of the Arts is supported by the state of Florida, tuition rates vary by residence. Fees are split by the “Lower Division” and “Upper Division”. Lower division rates cover the student’s freshman and sophomore, while upper division rates cover junior and senior year. Lower division resident/non-resident students, when applying full-time, should expect to pay $3,416/$12,444 per year and, when applying part-time, $94/$343 per credit hour. Upper division resident/non-resident students should expect to pay $4,547/$26,824 per year when enrolling full-time and $151/$894 per credit hour when enrolling part-time.

There is a variety of financial aid options that New World School offers, however, the dispersion percentage and magnitude of these options are not known. Students can partake in Pell Grants, Student Loans, Book Loans, Short Term Loans, Scholarships, and Work-study programs.

New World School of the Arts shapes its students into achieving excellence through some of the most pristine quality education that Florida has to offer. Distance learners may not yet have the opportunity to participate, but there is the possibility that New World School of the Arts will allow this in the near future.

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