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The New York Academy of Art is a non-profit art university located in New York, New York. This academy is set in an urban, forward minded center where students from different diverse backgrounds come to hone their skills. The academy of art believes that visual art, in general, stands on the foundations of figurative drawing, sculpture, and painting and to master these disciplines is the true development of an artist. An artist’s personal vision most develop in the whole field of arts, not a mere fragment, and branch outwards if the artist is to create contemporary art.

Being a physical school of the arts, it is rather difficult for an academy like this to offer distance education or online classes which match the educational quality that students receive on campus. Fortunately, there are many art schools and academies that have successfully and effectively offered distance education in the form of classes and online credentials. It is likely that New York Academy of Art will follow suit and spread its educational appendages to an online format.

Most students at the New York Academy of Art concentrate their education on the art of painting. All students at the school receive a background in all forms of the arts, somewhat equivalent to a general education in the world of art. Sculpture and drawing shares some of the attention, but these subjects have remained somewhat reclusive, but certainly not lacking in significance or quality of education.

When taking courses at New York Academy of Art, each course doesn’t generalize to “Painting” or “Drawing”, per se, but rather focuses on specific art techniques and application. Some course titles include, but are not limited to, Drawing & Painting Studio, Absolute Beginners Drawing & Painting, Painting the Figure, Figure Atelier, Landscapes & Seascapes, Academic Figure & Portrait Drawing, and Ecorche of the Body.

New York Academy of Art is a graduate institution, so only graduate rates apply. Graduate full-time students will pay $24,300 per year when applying full-time and $820 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. There are some additional fees for things like registration and admission, and art supplies will cost some money as well.

Financial aid is in use and is usually procured by most students at the academy, however, the percentage of dispersion and the magnitude of these various forms of financial aid are not precisely known. What is certain, however, is that there is a broad array of art scholarships, grants, and awards that students can take advantage of based on different factors and standards. New York itself is a center of opportunity and academic support and offers many different types of tuition grants and awards designed for art students and the like.

New York Academy of Art and Design is a higher education institution that prides itself in holistically developing the artist and not fragmentally. Students receive the best in education and the best of instruction. Distance learners may not yet have an opportunity to join the academy, but the academy will eventually feature online education and, possibly, in the near future.

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