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New York Institute of Technology is a research university located in New York City, New York. The New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan is one of many campuses around the globe. The goal of the institute is to provide a quality education that addresses both subject material and practical, career-oriented knowledge. In addition, the New York Institute of Technology strives to extend opportunities in higher education, scholarship, and employment to students of all backgrounds that aspire to achieve. To crown these achievements is the long time and large-scale support of application-oriented research that benefits the globe.

When pursuing one’s education from a distance, the New York Institute of Technology is a key choice in that it provides a plethora of options for distance learners. Students can take advantage of online courses, certificate programs, or online degree programs that can be completed 100% online. All courses taken online at NYIT Online are backed by NYIT’s accreditation and quality instruction; students need not fear a lack of credibility when taking their education online with NYIT.

One of the degree programs offered at NYIT is titled the Master of Science in Childhood Education. This program is designed for teachers or instructive professionals who are initially certified and want to qualify at the professional level and for initial certification in the field of Childhood Education. Students learn to incorporate instructional technology, plan and select strategies that promote understanding on all levels, and engage students in constructive learning.

Another degree that can be earned entirely online is the Master of Science in Energy Management. This program combines coursework in topics of Energy Management, Environmental Management, and Facilities Management. Students learn their way around technology, and the various environmental issues that are pertinent to Energy Management and Sustainable Leadership. There is also an assortment of attachable certificates also offered alongside the degree. Students can append an Advanced Certificate in Facilities Management, Environmental Management, Energy Technology, and Infrastructure Security Management.

Undergraduate students will pay $22,160 per year when enrolling full-time at NYIT and $747 per credit hour when taking classes on a part-time basis. Graduate students will pay $14,094 per year when taking classes full-time and $783 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Many students fret when opting to finance a $20,000+/year higher education but, fortunately, 95% of NYIT students are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants are dispersed to 46% of students on campus as an approximate average of any given year. State and local sources supply a small portion of the student populace, 8%, with various grants and awards for tuition purposes. Institutional grants, awards, scholarships, and need-based grants are given out to 90% of the student body by NYIT in an effort to curtail the cost of education.

The New York Institute of Technology is a prime factor in education threefold: for education quality, for global impact, and the opportunities and research that the institute continually provides. Distance learners can take advantage of the many options that NYIT offers and will likely see an expansion in selection over the next few years.

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