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New York Law School is a school of law located in Lower Manhattan, New York. New York Law is one of the oldest standing schools of law in the country. Faculty and instructors dedicate themselves first to legal education and legal scholarship and second to the various law professions themselves. Students learn not only from highly qualified individuals, but practicing professionals themselves such as attorneys, lawyers, and judges. In addition, New York Law has established a number of separate education departments devoted to the separate disciplines of law, such as the Center for Business Law & Policy, or the Center of Financial Services Law.

New York Law School features a variety of options when hosting online education and distance learning. Students can choose from online courses or select online degree programs. All credits and degrees earned online are backed by New York Law School’s continual accreditation and the same quality instruction and curriculum that students would otherwise receive on campus. Course topics span a wide variety and allow students to participate in virtually any law program offered at New York Law that the students desire.

There is also the option of taking courses online to earn a specific degree. One such degree is known as the Master of Arts in Mental Disability Law Studies. Students not interested in the Master of Arts permutation of this credential can instead opt to receive the Certificate in Advanced Mental Disability Law Studies as well. The degree was conceived as a Master of Arts as opposed to a Master of Laws in an effort to both involve and allow students that are not studying law. Instructors are among law professors, forensic psychologists, practicing lawyers, psychiatrists, practicing psychologists, and various individuals with degrees and certifications in the relative field of Mental Disability Law Studies.

Since New York Law School is a graduate level institution of higher learning, only graduate level rates apply to tuition costs. Graduate students applying full-time should expect to pay the yearly fee of $25,000 and, when taking classes on a part-time basis, graduate students should expect to pay $1,500 per credit hour. There is an array of financial aid available, however, the dispersant percentage or the magnitude of these various programs is not known.

Federal aid, for one, is available to all students that enroll at New York Law and is accepted by the school. State and local aid is also available for students to take advantage of, and the state of New York has a reputation for being resourceful in the ways of helping students achieve their educational goals. Aside from these options are forms of tuition aid from New York Law itself which probably includes scholarship, loans, and perhaps a few grants for tuition purposes.

New York Law is the school of choice for individuals that want to get an immersive and complete legal education for whatever purpose. Distance learners have a select variety of options when striving for their degree in law and will likely see the rise of more online degrees in the near future.

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