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Newman University is a liberal arts university, seated in Wichita, Kansas, that is encompassed by Catholic tradition and rite. The university elevates itself and its surrounding institutions through rich Catholic resources and finances that have helped bed a nurturing, moral environment for students to attend. All of this is wrapped around a strong liberal arts core that the university devised to give students a complete, collegiate, and intellectual perspective on issues of the world and the challenges of their careers. In doing this, the university sculpts the mind and the spirit while equally allowing the inseparable pair to flourish in their own way.

Newman University was originally founded under the efforts of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ. This group of Catholic sisters sought to establish a women’s only environment in the Wichita area for women to seek higher education. The result was Sacred Heart College. Eventually, by 1958, matriculating academics and continued investment, academically and financially, brought about the college’s evolution into a baccalaureate institute. Eventually the college drafted a few names in recognition of the Cardinal John Henry Newman, and the name is now Newman University.

Some online courses are offered at the university, but there is one known online program that leads to a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies. This degree is ideal for students who have enrolled in a few economics or mathematics courses and want to pursue a four-year degree with a focus on management and business practice. Aside from that, online courses are not sectioned on Newman University’s website, but there is repeated mention of online courses. Most likely, this will lead to an expansion to online courses, as the turn of the millennia is notorious for, and degree programs for working adults and geographically isolated students.

Tuition for undergraduates full-time is $18,574 per year, and $619 per credit hour part-time. Graduate students pay $6,534 full-time and $363 part-time. Although the cost of tuition is already reasonable for a university of this caliber, 98% of students are receiving aid from the college itself and federal, state, and local sources have done well to fill out other costs.

The most popular field of study at the college is Business Administration & Management, as is the trend for many universities. Also high on the list of preference is the major of Elementary Education & Teaching. Social Work, Nursing, and Medical Radiologic Technology are also well-sought after making this university a go-to for business, societal occupations, and specialized medicine.

That aside, there are many majors and degrees to choose from. Students will get the fullest from their education by attending this university, both academically and spiritually. Newman University is more than just a place of learning. Newman is a place to take yourself higher. This effort is two-fold, one part supplying a solid credential, the other part preparing the mind, body, and soul to enter a blessed life and a rewarding career in the field of your choice.

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