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The Newport Business Institute has helped thousands of individuals launch or further their career since 1895. They offer a host of resources including a career matchmaker, resume assistance, and job placement assistance. The school is accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools and is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Education, State Board of Private Licensed Schools. Distance learning courses from NBI provide focused computer skills training along with the office organization and personal relations skills needed to succeed in an exciting healthcare career.

The Accounting Computer Applications distance learning course from NBI will prepare graduates to work in some of the most in-demand areas such as account managing, information specialists, computer operators, internal auditors, software consultants, and more. Focusing on the modern office and technologies they use, students will learn specialized skills and their practical application in the workplace. There are six different scholarship opportunities available for those interested in enrolling in this course.

The in-demand healthcare field relies not just on medical doctors and nurses but secretarial personnel. At NBI, individuals can enroll in a Secretarial Science distance learning degree program. Students will learn the specialized skills required of those who enter the fields of medical billing and coding, medical transcription, and medical administrative assistant. Graduates will be prepared to work such positions as clinical or medical receptionist, medical assistant or secretary, medical transcription, insurance clerk, or emergency room operator. Students may qualify for the FBLA or Merit Scholarship programs to help fund their schooling.

Students seeking admissions to one of the NBI distance learning courses must hold a high school degree or GED equivalent. Previous experience is not required, but students must show readiness for the course. Enrollment times for a diploma or the Associate in Specialized Business Degree distance learning program are in the fall, winter, spring, or summer quarters. Certificates are awarded for each class completed, diplomas are earned after one year of course study, and the associate degree will be awarded after completion of a two-year program.

There are many ways to secure funding for a distance learning program at Newport Business Institute. Students may apply for financial aid, federal grants, personal/private loans, or scholarships. There are also federal funding programs for single parents, disabled, economically disadvantaged, and displaced workers. Veterans also have financial options available to them. Financial advisers are available to help ensure students secure the appropriate funding for their education.

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