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Newport University is a university of private status that is based out of Newport Beach, California. Newport University unites students of all backgrounds through knowledge and tears down the societal boundaries that would otherwise keep motivated, like-minded students separate. The educational plans of Newport are adapted not only unto a collegiate setting, but for mature adults that want to focus strictly on their education. The philosophy of learning is student-centered, meaning that any aspect of Newport College from class selection to class size is dynamic and based on the needs of the students themselves.

Newport University features a large array of online courses for distance learners to take advantage of. Online classes can be taken in a variety of formats and directions. Students are given the proper guidance that they need to choose the right class and are fitted to an education plan that is right for them. Newport University regularly associates students with one another on a global basis in addition to looking at the educational results of their programs, rather than gauging success based on how much time is spent in the classroom.

There is a large variety of academics to choose from and the university is organized into four main schools, the School of General Education, the School of Business, the School of Behavioral Sciences, and the School of Law. The university obviously specializes in these fields, but has also taken the extra measure to separate the educational emphasis on each of these general schools so as not to mix crucial information together when assessing academic performance. For reasons like these, students have received the benefits of a specified education with the individual attention and support to match for it. This is most likely the model that is most suited towards Newport University’s global outlook.

Tuition for an undergraduate course of 3 units comes out to $533. For a Master’s course of 3 units, the price is $600. For a Doctoral Course of 1 unit, the price is $213. This is the fee structure on which Newport University bases its tuition rates, full-time enrollment is merely an extension of per-credit-hour rates. Fortunately for students, academic aid is a simple matter of applying to a variety of sources and using the tuition aid resulting from this to put towards schooling.

Federal aid is available to students, but the precise dispersal percentage and the average magnitude of federal aid concerning Newport students is not known. State and local aid is also there to assist students with tuition costs, but shares the same information lack as federal aid. Newport University offers two options for financial assistance: a merit-based academic scholarship or a student research internship.

Newport University is a haven of education for students around the world that want to attend classes over the net. Distance learners have a selection of online courses to work with and, in the future, will be able to earn their degrees 100% online.

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