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Niagara University is a university of Catholic traditions that is located in Lewiston, New York. As a university, Niagara’s goal is to prepare students not only with adequate and well-supported education specific to their career, but to prepare students with sound mind and the responsible ethics to orient themselves from then on. Commitment to the Catholic faith gives students perspective in the ways of truth in meaning behind all that they study. In this way, Niagara University enriches the lives of its students and propels them through rigorous study into rewarding careers after their education is complete.

Niagara University offers many options for distance learners to exploit when pursuing their education online. Students can partake in online courses as they stand alone, or put these credits toward a specific certificate or degree of their choosing. All credits and credentials earned from Niagara University hold the same authoritative weight as degrees that would otherwise be earned on campus. Courses are backed by Niagara University’s accreditation from all of its sources and are carried out by Niagara University’s own quality instructors.

One such online degree program at Niagara University is titled the Online Educational Leadership Program. This program is NCATE accredited and prepares its students for leadership roles in various educational institutions. Students work towards a master’s degree and also toward their licensure and certification. Completion of this program leads to the Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership.

Courses taken on an individual basis span a variety of topics and can be put towards virtually any education plan. If Niagara University does not feature an online degree program that the student desires to enroll in, there is always the option of filling out as many credits as possible and then taking these credits to another institution that does feature the desired online program. Credits earned online at Niagara University will be respected at most colleges and universities around the United States.

Undergraduate students should expect to pay $22,500 per year when enrolling on a full-time basis and will pay $750 per credit hour when taking classes part-time. Graduate students will pay the annual fee of $12,330 when enrolling full-time and $685 per credit hour when taking classes part-time. Niagara University charges over $20,000 per year for undergraduate students which can seem somewhat steep, however, there is a plethora of financial aid options to offset this difficulty.

State and local grants combine to put financial aid into the pockets of approximately 2 out of 3 students in any given term. Federal grants supply something closer to 1 out of 3 students in a likewise fashion. Niagara University supplies 96% of its students with scholarships, merit-based awards, religious grants and other forms of aid to help curtail the cost of education.

Niagara University is New York’s go-to education institution for Catholic learning. Distance learners can take classes, earn certificates, and put credit towards their degree of choice. Distance learning opportunities like this are apt only to expand in the near future.

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