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Nicholls State University is a university of public status that is based out of Thibodaux, Louisiana and is a part of the University of Louisiana System. Academics at Nicholls State is said to be engaged, meaning that students are not simply learning about their subjects of choice, but also applying critical thinking to these topics to carry them out from text to understanding. Quality is important at Nicholls State with staff constantly revising the structure of the university and taking cues from students as to how they can make their education more effective, expansive, and affordable.

Nicholls State University features a wide array of online courses that can be exploited by distance learners for a variety of purposes. Courses can be taken individually for reasons of education like independent study, or can be arranged asynchronously if the student simply wishes to take some classes part-time. All credits earned online from Nicholls State University are backed by Nicholls State University accreditation and are taught by Nicholls State University teachers, not interns, teaching assistants, or third party sources. If the student desires to transfer their credits to another institution for online learning, most likely the credits earned online from Nicholls State will be respected at the institution.

Course topics span a wide variety and make online education suitable for students of all backgrounds. Some course titles include, but are not limited to Basic Biology, Organic Biological & Chemical Health Sciences, Computer Literacy, Culinary History & Development, Nutrition & Health Education, English Composition, Technical Writing, Applied Perspectives on Aging, and Creative Activities for Preschoolers.

Although Nicholls State University does strictly offer distance learning degree programs where the student can receive a degree 100% online, most credits can be filled out to that ends. There is also alternative delivery of online course material available. In some cases, students can receive compressed video sources straight from the classroom or even conference with their instructors.

Since Nicholls State University is public in nature, tuition rates vary by residence. Resident/Non-resident students will pay $2,411/$7,859 per year when enrolling full-time and $201/$655 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Graduate students pay identical rates when applying full-time and resident/non-resident graduates pay $234/$755 per credit hour when enrolling part-time.

Nicholls State University has given institutional grants, scholarship awards, and other forms of financial aid to 1 out of 5 students as an approximate yearly average. Federal aid comes in more plentiful supply in that it puts financial aid into the pockets of 1 out of 3 students each year. State and local grants are the leading contributor overall giving roughly 3 out of 4 students grants and awards for tuition purposes.

Nicholls State University makes excellent use of its resources for students to benefit from. Distance learners can accomplish most of what they need online and will receive all of the support they need to accomplish their educational goals. Degrees, classes, and certificates will be in full supply in the near future.

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