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Nichols College is a baccalaureate higher learning institution based out of Dudley, Massachusetts. Nichols College is a relatively small college that makes full use of a small college’s benefits. Class sizes are kept small, with a good student to faculty ratio to match this. Students are given more personalized attention in the ways of academics and outside the classroom on matters of career direction, personal goal achievement, and coursework. For reasons like these, Nichols College has grown to over 1,500 students and continues to offer quality education that won’t put a good student in debt.

Nichols College features online courses that can be taken anytime and at anyplace the student desires. Online classes can be taken independently or asynchronously for whatever reason or method the student likes to pursue their education. Nichols College refers to the online scheduling program as “Online On Demand Courses”.

One simply registers for the course and begins the course on any Monday during the semester. Then, the student has 15 weeks to complete the course on their own schedule. Nichols College agrees that this is the simplest and the most convenient way to pursue online courses.

There is also a plethora of online degree programs to choose from. At the undergraduate level, students can receive a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a variety of concentrations: Criminal Justice Management, Finance, General Business, or Marketing. Any of these study paths can be taken at a traditional or accelerated pace.

At the graduate level, there is the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Business Administration emphasizing Sport Management, a Master of Business Administration emphasizing Security Management, a Master of Organizational Leadership, and a Certificate of Advanced Leadership Studies, if the student doesn’t want to pursue a degree. It should be noted that these graduate programs build upon previous credentials and don’t supply the requisite credit material by themselves.

Full-time undergraduate students will pay $26,670 per year when enrolling on a full-time basis and $889 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Full-time graduate students will pay the yearly fee of $9,450 for tuition purposes and $525 per credit hour when taking classes part-time. When paying upwards of $25,000 per year for education, financing this can be rather tough. Fortunately, 81% of students enrolled at Nichols College have been able to procure financial aid in some form and to some degree each year.

Federal grants make it into the hands of 1 out of 4 students each year. State and local aid combines to supply roughly the same recipient percentage with grants and awards for tuition purposes. Institutional grants, like scholarships and other merit-based awards, are allotted to 3 out of 4 students each year.

Nichols College is an excellent resource when pursuing online education somewhere around the field of business. For students on campus, all the resources necessary to get you to your degree and get you a job are all right there. For distance learners, there is a wide selection of options already in place and will likely expand in the future.

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