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North Carolina Wesleyan College is a baccalaureate college of the liberal arts that shares affiliations with the United Methodist Church and is located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. North Carolina Wesleyan focuses on the individual student and attends to their individual academic needs as well as supplying them with a positive, Christian environment in which to pursue their studies. Class sizes are small giving students the proper attention they need to understand and manage their lessons and coursework. In addition, the college is fully accredited and continues to uphold quality in education each year.

North Carolina Wesleyan College features a select variety of online options for distance learners to pursue on their own time and at their own location. Online courses are given the same quality attention and instruction as courses that are taught on campus. Credits earned online from North Carolina Wesleyan are backed by the accreditation of the institution itself and are treated with the same value as credits earned at a physical location.

Although there are no distance learning degree programs that would allow a distance learner to earn their degree 100% online, there are other options. Students can always fill out as many of their credits as possible by perusing the online course selection as it stands. They can then take these credits to an institution that does feature the credentials they desire online. Most colleges and universities will respect credits earned online at North Carolina Wesleyan College. Students also can earn their credits online and briefly attend the physical campus to complete their degree. This would allow distance learners to eliminate most of the expense of going away for college rather than all.

As a Christian college, North Carolina Wesleyan is strong in business majors and the most popularly pursued major at the college is Business Administration & Management. Also popular is the field of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration. Many students cross fields and use both majors to their advantage. Some other popular fields are Accounting, General Psychology, and Computer & Information Sciences.

Since North Carolina Wesleyan College is baccalaureate in its highest offering, only undergraduate rates apply. Students will pay $20,790 per year when enrolling full-time and $300 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Students that pay over $20,000 per year for their education often have a hard time financing this. Thankfully, 98% of students at North Carolina Wesleyan College are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

North Carolina Wesleyan College itself supplies 95% of its students with institutional grants, like scholarships and even need-based or religious grants, in effort to curtail the cost of higher education. Federal grants supply 3 out of 5 students with aid for tuition purposes as a yearly approximate average. State and local sources combine to supply roughly the same student population with grants.

North Carolina Wesleyan College is a friendly, collegiate environment for students to pursue their education to the fullest extent. There are only select options for distance learners for now, but the array of choices in online education are apt to expand in the next few years.

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