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North Park University is a baccalaureate university that is based out of Chicago, Illinois. North Park University is experienced in education and knows the effective strategies that instill success in students and knows what students need to get ahead. North Park University is a university that is connected locally, statewide, nationally, and globally bringing students from diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life. North Park is also Christian in nature, providing a sound moral platform on which Christian students can achieve their goals. For reasons like this, North Park University has grown to over 3,000 students and continues to grow.

North Park offers a wide variety of options for distance learners can take advantage of aimed at the subsidiary groups of distance learning students. Working adults have online courses to choose from, busy professionals have programs to partake in, and business majors have a degree program to pursue. Online courses are taught by faculty that would otherwise be teaching on campus and credits earned over the net are treated with the same authority as credits earned on campus.

Some online courses include Foundations of Finance, Personal Development, Network & Communications Technology, Marketing in a Global Economy, Managing Change & Conflict, Jesus of Nazareth, Film Studies, and many more course titles and topics not listed here. Business students have a variety of master’s degrees to earn. One can earn a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Management, a Master of Higher Education Administration, or a Master of Non-profit Administration. All of these courses can be taken at a part-time or full-time pace, but are also adaptable to accelerated paces of learning.

There are also certificates in Church Administration, Fundraising Management, Higher Education Administration, Leadership, Non-profit Finance, Non-profit Governance, Non-profit Management, and Organizational Development. There are also hybrid programs for religious education such as the Master of Divinity, the Master of Arts in Christian Education, the Master of Arts in Theological Studies, and the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry.

$17,600 is the annual amount that full-time students will pay at the undergraduate level and $730 is the cost of a credit hour at the undergraduate level. Graduate students will pay $10,620 per year when enrolling full-time and $590 per credit hour when enrolling on a part-time basis. 95% of students at North Park University are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants are dispersed to a yearly approximate average of 1 out of 4 students attending North Park University. State resources and local resources give roughly the same portion of students grants and awards for tuition purposes. Institutional grants, such as scholarships and merit-based awards are given to 84% of students on average and have been known to include religiously based grants as well.

North Park University is the school of choice when pursuing a quality, Christian education that won’t put the student out of budget. There is a solid array of activities and programs that distance learners can engage in and there will likely be more within the near future.

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