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Northeastern Illinois University is a university of public status that is based out of Chicago, Illinois. Northeastern Illinois University is home to over 12,000 students in any given year and offers fully accredited education to those in need. Student populace is diverse and spans a wide range of majors reflecting the university’s diversity in academics. Faculty are dedicated towards public service, individualized education, and quality of instruction for each student that applies his or herself. There is more than 70 undergraduate and graduate programs featured at the university and some are even online.

Northeastern Illinois University makes available a selection of online courses and training programs devised for specific student applications and majors. Online courses can be taken in a variety of ways and whichever reason the student so desires. There is the option of arranging courses independently or asynchronously for self-monitored collegiate education on one’s own time. There is also the option of applying one’s credits towards the goal of a specific degree or certificate.

If Northeastern Illinois does not feature the degree online that you desire, there is always the option of filling out as many credits as possible online and migrating to campus. This option eliminates most of on-campus attendance when avoiding all on-campus attendance isn’t popular. One can also apply online credits towards a degree at another university or college that does feature the desired online program. Most colleges and universities around the United States will respect credits earned online at Northeastern Illinois University.

Most students select a major somewhere within the field of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Northeastern Illinois University is strongest in this general field of curriculum. Elementary Education & Teaching is also popularly pursued at the university in light of its strong Teacher Education programs that have created many influential Education majors. Some other popular fields of study include, but are not limited to Business, Social Sciences, Computer & Information Sciences, English Language & Literature, and Security & Protective Services.

Since Northeastern Illinois University is public, tuition varies based on status of residence. Non-resident/Resident students will pay $10,560/$5,280 per year when enrolling full-time and $440/$220 per credit hour when enrolling part-time respectively. Graduate non-resident/resident students should expect to pay $7,920/$3,960 per year when enrolling full-time and identical rates per credit hour as undergraduate students when enrolling part-time.

A total of 62% of Northeastern Illinois University students receive financial aid in some form and to some extent as a yearly approximate average. Federal grants are dispersed to 5 out of 11 students each year. Roughly the same percentage of students is reached by state and local resources via grants and awards for tuition purposes. Northeastern Illinois University itself supports 3% of the student body with scholarships, grants, and awards.

Distance learners have a selection of online courses to choose from at the present moment. Students on campus have seen a wide expansion in opportunities for higher education. It is only the natural progression that distance learners will see this expansion as well.

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