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Northern Kentucky University is a university of public status that is based out of Highland Heights, Kentucky. Northern Kentucky’s learning environment can be described as energetic, while at the same time being comfortable. There is an air of success that is contagious between all students and infects even the most unlikely candidates. Northern Kentucky University helps all who come through the doors seeking higher education. There are resources from wide course selection to personal counseling to career services all designed to bring the student from their studies to their career or line of work as seamlessly as possible.

There is a wide selection of online courses that distance learners can take advantage of to achieve their goals online. Courses span a large breadth of topics that can accommodate students of any major. Course titles include, but are not limited to Healthcare Management, Concepts of Quality Patient Care, Medical Terminology, Management Information Systems, Chemistry & Society, Studies in Cinema: Globalization & Film, and Intercultural Business Communication.

There is also the option of pursuing one’s degree entirely online in one of Northern Kentucky’s numerous programs. There is the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership, the Bachelor of Science in Health Science, the Bachelor of Science in Library Informatics, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and the Bachelor of Science in Construction Management with a concentration in Surveying. Any of these degrees can be worked towards at traditional part-time or full-time paces, but the student may choose an accelerated course of study if so desired.

Graduates also have a potpourri of options to take from. There is the Master of Arts in Education, a Master of Arts in Integrative Studies, a Master of Arts in Instructional Leadership, a Master of Science in Nursing, a Master of Science in Health Informatics, and a Master of Science in Business Informatics. Graduates also have a selection of certificates, such as the post-Master’s certificate in Health Informatics or the Nurse Practitioner Advancement Certificate.

Since Northern Kentucky University is public in nature, tuition rates are dependent upon the student’s status of residence. Resident/Non-resident undergraduates will pay $6,528/$11,952 per year when going for their degree full-time and $272/$498 per credit hour when enrolling on a part-time basis. $6,642 is the price of tuition for one year when enrolling at the graduate level and $649 is the price of a credit hour when applying on a part-time basis.

1 out of 4 students approximately receive federal grants each year. State and local sources serve to provide 2 out of 3 students with grants and awards for tuition purposes. Institutional grants, like scholarships, merit-based awards, and other grants supply just under half of the student population.

Northern Kentucky University is a solid pillar of opportunity for the students of Kentucky, students from around the country, and students online. There is already a large selection of opportunities online for distance learners to choose from and options like these will only increase as time progresses.

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