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For those looking for a focused education in the Fine Arts, you have found your home at the Northwest College of Art in Poulsbo, Washington. Initially created as the Northwest Art Center in 1982, founder Craig Freeman saw that art was a viable business and should be taught by peers and other artists, those who do the work. The San Francisco native married success in art to having the proper training, taught by people who had had their hands dirty, who had tried to make a living off of it, who had gone on after college education to create their own knowledge.

Northwest College has always been an art specialized school, even at its beginning when it offered only two year certifications to whoever wished to learn. Growing as demand did to offer Associate degrees, it was soon inundated with students to its slip of a 26 acre campus, located snuggly between the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, right on Liberty Bay (which makes it right near the hustle and bustle of Seattle). Brought in by the paradoxical majesty of their isolated surroundings and the proximity to the largest city in Washington, an accredited Bachelor degree was soon offered and the school achieved full college status.

To discuss the popular majors would be inane, as they all trend towards different divisions of the Fine Arts. Knowing that artists aren’t happy unless they are creating art, there are a number of programs at Northwest College to fit any creative desire, though all fall under the category of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication. Whether gunning for your major of study in Photography, Fine Art, or Interactive Design, Northwest has a program to train you. However, Northwest does require a dual major for any student in their BFA program, requiring the choice of any two of the offered divisions (those above plus several other options). Even general education requirements tend towards artistic subjects, with offerings in Art History and Anthropology as well as typical English and Communications classes.

Though no online education exists, there are a number of technologically advanced majors (Motion Design, Entertainment Art) and the campus is fully equipped with the newest technology and programs to enable complete immersion and learning. Computer labs are available to all students, with MACs and IBMs ready to assist students with cutting edge tools.

Typically Bachelor seekers are granted degrees in 36 months, or about 9 semesters (the program can not exceed 54 months) and any student who withdraws must begin again should they reapply (credits do not return once the students has left and returned). Internships and work study is made easier by having Seattle just a ferry ride away.

The Northwest College of Arts was created to give artists the skills and education to succeed in making an occupation out of a student’s talent, as well as enhancing that talent with knowledge and peer mentoring. 30 years later, it is a still expanding success.

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