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An elementary teacher’s college at its inception in 1905, Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO has grown in the intervening century to offer degree programs in a number of different divisions. More than just an institution for educators these days, NMS benefits from a mix of technological advancements in educating as well as a mission of “focusing on student success-every student, every day” to accomplish their vision as “THE university of choice for a comprehensive, exceptional student experience”.

Offering both Bachelor and Master programs to a student body of 7000+, NMS give students a multitude of programs to devote their study to, as well as many different, flexible formats. All told, there are 135 undergraduate programs, with 115 majors and 70 minors, and another 40 Master’s programs, as well as 5 graduate level certifications and several Specialist in Education programs (most teacher’s colleges still remain at least partially true to their roots).  Popular majors (besides education) range largely to Business areas.

Faculty are 95% terminally degreed, leading to a student body that is more successful than the national average at completing their education and a stunning 95% find employment or go on to graduate school within six months of graduating.

Distance education is alive and well at Northwest Missouri State, with not only online classes, but degree and certification programs completed entirely online. With courses that follow the same semester schedule as traditional learners (although summer semesters may be shortened), online learners at NWS are given the same attention to education, with virtual classrooms (including student and teacher interactions, online lessons and exams) and gives you flexible times to do your work. There’s even an online museum chronicling the history of the school and the area for prospective students in an interactive format deliverable anywhere.

For degree seekers, there’s a BS in Business Management, certifications in Instructional Technology and English Language Learning, and 5 different Master’s degree programs (mostly in Business and Education). All of these degrees can be completed traditionally, online, or through hybrid work, allowing any learner’s schedule to adapt to degree work. Some courses are done cooperatively as well, utilizing other institutions faculty and tools to offer joint degrees (as with their online MBA, which allows for completion of the degree at either NMS or Missouri Southern State and receive and accredited degree from both). Alternative certification programs for those who have recently accepted a teaching position but have no certification are also available using either online education or interactive televised courses at outreach centers in nearby Missouri towns.

NMS is dedicated to its students, employing them on campus (1000+ are), offering over 180 student organizations, and giving them numerous academic advising options (both online and on campus) and a flexibility in schedule that is top notch. Their 240 acre campus is green minded, with 85% of thermal energy needs done with alternative fuels, a massive recycling program, and the official Missouri State Arboretum (inspired by a design from the 1904 World’s Fair in St Louis). They also offer high school students the chance to spend their junior/senior year on campus, working both for their high school diploma and a two year Associate’s degree simultaneously.

With a dedication to students, their schedules, and their education, Northwest Missouri State University has cultivated a juggernaut of an academic program that is both respected and student friendly.

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