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Notre Dame College in Euclid, Ohio was begun by the Sisters of Notre Dame as a Catholic women’s school in 1922. With a motto of “changing the world, one student at a time”, the college grew to offer higher learning to all seekers, soon offering adult education and graduate programs, and today is in the midst of a distance education boom.

What started with a student body of 24 has grown to 2000+ (the inclusion of men in 2001 helped), what began as a teacher’s school has grown to offer 29 majors including “exceptional programs in education, business, and science”. Undergrads and graduates alike can take traditional classes on 53 acres of woodland near Cleveland, with an eye to adult learning as well, with a weekend college program now in its 33 year.

Notre Dame College encourages online learning at the school, whether it’s in their undergrad studies or master’s programs. Currently, the college is in the midst of an online evolution, with a 2009 approval of guidelines for both students and faculty and a resulting increase in their offerings. General education requirements are more and more often accomplished online these days, and Notre Dame is posting additional options each semester (though students must first apply to take online classes, complete a training module, receive permission from the Dean of Online Studies after he reviews the module, and are only allowed one online course per semester…).

Graduate distance learners, however, can take more than one course per semester, as there are not one, but two completely online graduate degree programs. With a Master of Education and an upcoming Master of Art in Security Policy Studies (which begins in the Fall of 2010), graduate students can learn either through online classes (with some required face to face aspects in them, but that usually falls on weekends/evenings) and receive the same quality of instruction and accreditation as traditional graduate learners. Also four online certifications are available for graduates, each with four course modules that can be completed in two semesters.

Notre Dame offers a number of accelerated and online courses to adult learners in general, whether it’s with their TEEL program (Teacher Education Evening Licensure), which uses either online or face to face to prepare degree holders to get their teaching license in Ohio, or their Adult Undergrad programs, taking advantage of their online options to reach a greater number of working professionals than evening classes alone.

The word online seems to be popping up more and more at Notre Dame College, with an online campus for prospective students to tour, online registration for classes, their TEEL program, and graduate school, and even an online course planner and an online program that helps ready your computer(and you) for online taking online classes .

NDC bandies phrases like “mission-focused” and “values based”, but what they truly provide is access to education. Those that are too busy or can’t find the right balance to take more schooling are in luck at Notre Dame, who have spent years (especially the last decade) providing more and more access to education, not only for those in Ohio, but for the intellectually curious the world over.

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