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Founded in 1882 as a Missionary Training Institute (the first Bible college in North America), what was to become Nyack College by 1972 has always been a staunchly Christian educational experience at its core. Backed by the Christian and Missionary Alliance (which was organized by the same Dr Albert Simpson who began Nyack itself; it was also where both he and his wife were buried), Nyack offers a broad liberal arts education with a religious core to both undergrads and graduates today, with great options for adult learning.

Located on 102 acres in Nyack, NY, the college is situated just a jump away from New York City, where they have a branch campus for city students (as well as students in Albany, Washington, and Puerto Rico, where satellites also exist).“Preparing men and women to take the whole Gospel to the whole world”, majors very often run towards the theological side of things, though there are 34 Bachelor majors that run the gamut from Education to Music (both popular majors outside of the religious core). Graduate students are offered Master’s degrees in several areas, with MS in Education and MBAs among them.

For those truly seeking religious instruction, though, the Alliance Theological Seminary (THE recognized seminary for the Christian and Missionary Alliance) offers a Master and a Doctoral degree program in Ministry, as well as Master’s in Biblical Literature, Intercultural Studies, and Professional Studies. For adults looking to make the church or missionary work their life, it is highly recognized and attracts about 800 of the 3200 students at Nyack (about 2100 undergrads and 400 graduates round out the breakdown).

Nyack students are treated to a host of online options to help in their studies, though there are no entirely online degrees offered. The school website (nyackonline.org) has online registration, access to specs on technical matters for online classes, and Internet library service.

Most students, especially adult or returning learners, can complete their degrees in a number of alternative ways, using primarily online courses or participating in one of several credit transfer or credit equivalency programs. For instance, there is an Organizational Management program that takes work/life experience into account, utilizing “testing, essays, military experience, and training” to create a portfolio for college credit. Though there can be no degree received from this on its own (New York State residency requirements require 5 of the 120 credits necessary for undergrads to graduate to be taken on campus), it doesn’t force adults to relearn or discount their work history. Also, Adult Intensive Tracks offers accelerated courses (some online for distance learners), compressing coursework in to 4-6 weeks requiring only 4 Saturdays of on campus work and can be used in conjunction with the OM program to complete a Bachelor degree. AIT is also offered to traditional undergrads, but the accelerated format may vex some “traditional age students” and could challenge those with a full course load, so is subject to approval.

Bringing a mission of putting God in education as a way of delivering his message to the world through graduates of Nyack, the college has successfully turned out Christian valued graduates in three different centuries with no signs of stopping. Using missionary/ study abroad options, intern opportunities in the NYC, and moralistic teachings, they are more than just a Bible school now. They have resources and history.

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    please i live in cameroon (Central africa) and i would like to know if i can register for a distance learning program in business administration at nyack college.


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