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Ohio Valley University is not located in Ohio, but is in fact located just outside Vienna, West Virginia. Situated on a quiet 266 acres, Ohio Valley has been providing an education that is stocked with faith, operating on the notion of the essential nature of Christ in every aspect of the world, from education to whatever career follows. Associated with the Churches of Christ since its founding in 1958 (it actually taught out of a local church for three years at the start), the university works from a mission of “integrating higher learning, biblical faith, and service to God and humanity”.

With around 501 students looking for an education that speaks to their religious belief as well as their passion to succeed in the world at hand, Ohio Valley offers around 30 majors of undergraduate study, offering Bachelor and Associate degrees in areas from Elementary Education to Nursing, with pre-Med, pre-Professional, and Pre-Dental programs as well (Associate degrees).  There is one Master degree offering in Education (though it does not give any certification) which can be completed through on campus evenings/weekends, or online.

An important aspect of everyday life at Ohio Valley is God, both in the classroom and outside on campus. Every student at the university is required to take at least one Bible based class per semester and daily attendance at chapels are mandatory. The university looks to “use [a student’s] mind to develop a Christian world view”, molding minds that will “serve in His kingdom” not just during their time at Ohio Valley, but once they go out in to the world. Numerous religious majors are offered (from a BA in Biblical Studies to a Psychology-Christian counseling degree, for the Biblical Studies and Behavioral Sciences College is one and the same, so some cross-over occurs).

Ohio Valley does offer some online aid to adults looking to do something with the little free time a work life provides, with an Associate’s in Professional Studies (which can be completed through online coursework or through Saturday on campus classes) and a BS in Organizational Management (though this one requires some previous work towards a Bachelor). Their Master degree in Education is another online degree, utilizing Sakai, a collaborative learning tool that allows interactivity among students and professors from the comfort of your personal computer. Perfect for Bachelor holders looking to move up on the pay scale without interfering with work, the degree is attainable in 16 months and uses the same highly skilled faculty as traditional classes.

Faculty operate on an 11:1 student teacher ratio and teach to a student body from 27 states and 12 nations (not bad for a student body just over 500).  Speaking of foreign nations, there are study abroad programs in London, England, and Italy, as well as a Best Semester program that allows study abroad in Culture Shaping or Culture Crossing programs through other members of the Council for Christian Colleges&Universities (taking you anywhere from Los Angeles for Film Studies to Russia for cultural education). There’s an intensive English program for incoming international students and missionary opportunities for all upper class-men.

Faith and learning are the integral cornerstones to Ohio Valley, with a Christ-centered approach that even applies to a student’ daily life (there are MANDATORY curfews for freshman and sophomores) and a history of turning out service oriented graduates looking to make a difference in the world in God’s name.

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