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Ohio Wesleyan University has a history of turning out liberal arts educated graduates who look to find a place of service both to the community and the world. Whether in the early years when the school was recognized for the number of students who went on to missionary work (nicknamed “The West Point of Missions” in the 19th century), or in the next century, when graduates from Ohio Wesleyan joined the Peace Corps in droves. Operating since 1843, OWU has continued to offer “a host of experiential learning opportunities that link the liberal arts to practical realities and prepare students for service and leadership in their careers and communities”.

A completely undergraduate school with no distance learning degrees offered, OWU offers its student body of 1850 a beautiful campus on 200 acres alongside downtown Delaware, Ohio. Though founded with the help of the Methodist church, the university prides itself on its diverse, non-sectarian community of students, conducting itself “on the most liberal of principles, accessible to all religious denominations”. Looking to use a liberal arts education founded on the imparting of knowledge, developing/enhancing capabilities across all majors of study, and adding values into the context of education, OWU has won numerous awards and recognitions over the years for its quality, hands on, undergraduate programs.

Currently, Ohio Wesleyan offers Bachelor degrees in the Arts, Fine Arts, and Music (with highly regarded programs in the last especially). Their offering of over 90 majors across 31 academic departments owes more to the flexibility of programs than the diversity of offerings, as dual and even triple majors aren’t out of the ordinary at OWU. There are even 3-2 programs in partner with other universities, which, for example, would allow an engineering major to pursue a BA at OWU with a major in, perhaps, physics or biomedical engineering (achieving it in 3 years) then transfer to an engineering school (Cal Tech or Alfred University are among schools who participate with OWU) to finish a BS in Engineering in just two more years. Popular majors at Ohio Wesleyan go anywhere from Music (either education or in a non-professional, liberal arts tract) to Education (OWU prides itself on over 100 years of successful teacher education), with fine Economics and Foreign Language programs as well.

Ohio Wesleyan believes strongly in doing what you’re learning and offers research, internship, and service programs that put education into action. Their unique Theory-to-Practice programs provides grants to support student projects and their Summer Science Research offers students the chance to work with faculty on cutting edge examples of classroom learning. Spring Mission teams have provided support and aid to Hurricane Katrina victims, as well as volunteering at orphanages in El Salvador. There a New York apprenticeship program allowing a semester long chance to work with established artists/musicians/performers and a internships in Washington D.C. and even an agreement with Waseda University in Japan (internationalism is very important at OWU) to allow a 30 students exchange yearly between the two universities. The University of Salamanca in Spain is another sister school, regularly exchanging to not just students, but faculty as well.

Providing opportunities for service and a fine liberal arts backed education to boot, the experiential core of Ohio Wesleyan is the same it was in the 19t century, as is their commitment to education and desire to improve the world around.

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