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Oklahoma Baptist University has spent a century establishing itself as a premier college, not only in the state (in which it has enjoyed the status of Highest Rated Regional College in Oklahoma for 16 years in US News & World Report), but also among Bachelor colleges in the entire West (it ranks #2 according to US News..). Offering a “challenging Christian liberal arts education that will teach you to think and worship for yourself”, OBU provides a Christian learning community that creates a blending of values and morality with preparation for “effective leadership and service in the various vocations” they’re studying for.

Open since 1910 on 200 acres in Shawnee, Oklahoma (35 miles from Oklahoma City, 90 from Tulsa, 200 from Dallas, so there are internship and research possibilities aplenty), Oklahoma Baptist is a primarily undergraduate college, though they do offer Master’s programs in Nursing and Business Administration at their Graduate School in Oklahoma City.  The student body of roughly 1800 is offered 10 different Bachelor’s degrees across 84 different majors of study, all explored through a “Christian lens”, yet with the same vocational preparation and liberal arts education of any top non-sectarian school.

Popular majors for OBU students include nursing/biology (with 90%+ acceptance rate to med school), teacher education (99% of grads currently teach full time), and business (many business grads scored above 90% on their ETS exams). Of course, there are religious majors offered as well through the Ingram School of Christian Service, one of 6 Schools/Colleges at OBU, with majors from Religious Education to Applied Ministry. Other Christian aspects of OBU include mandatory chapel services, numerous ministry opportunities on campus, and an off campus Global Outreach program, organizing trips to foreign countries for missionary work (OBU is the world’s leading college for alumni serving as Baptist missionaries). International studies are also available from Brazil to China.

Online offerings at Oklahoma Baptist do include one degree option, but only for graduate students. The Masters in Business Administration is also offered as a completely online degree for OBU students, with a distance learning program full of “the same content you would expect in any quality accredited on-campus…MBA”. Accomplishable in under two years, the entire program can be enrolled in and degreed without ever leaving your computer, with online mentoring/guidance, as well as exercises and interactions done through the Internet. Online classes are also available to undergrads(in Moodlerooms), as well as an online students services providing email, a page that allows you to track chapel attendance (students must attend a minimum of 96% of chapel services to graduate), and tools making it easy to log on to the OBU network through personal computers. There’s even an online language lab for English-as-a-second-language students and, of course, complete library access through the Web.

Lifelong learners are also lucky at OBU, as graduates can take undergraduate courses at OBU with no tuition costs, though not for credit. OBU never stops teaching their students, their interactions don’t just stop when class ends or a student is degreed. OBU grads form lifelong connections through shared faith and pursuit of education, leading to degreed students ready to take on the world with the knowledge that OBU is watching over them.

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