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Oklahoma State University is a large land-grant, public university of research that seats itself in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The university exists mainly as a platform for student off all backgrounds to enroll openly and better themselves with an education that will propel them into a rewarding career and beyond. As a public university, Oklahoma State shares not only its tremendous resources that are available on campus and online, but it also has the backing of the Oklahoma State University system.

The college does offer a multitude of online degree and certification programs. Students enrolling online should expect the same quality of education as the many students that attend Oklahoma State on campus. All it takes is a computer, access to the internet, and the location of the students choosing.

One of the distance education programs offered at the university is branched from OSU’s Spears School of Business. This program is aimed towards professionals with busy schedules, working adults that want to enter the world of business, and isolated students that want to earn their degree online. State residents pay $300 per credit hour and non-residents pay $661 per credit hour. Here students can enroll in courses like Financial Accounting, Introduction to American Studies, Consumer Law, Elementary French, and Industrial Quality Control. Graduate students can earn their Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Management Information Systems, or a Master of Science in Telecommunications Management, along with a dual degree and a variety of graduate certificates.

Another program is offered under OSU’s College of Arts & Sciences called the K-12 Distance Learning Academy. This program is designed to certify teachers so that they can expand their course offerings in a variety of topics. This program trains teachers in AP Calculus, AP Physics, German, and Spanish. Other courses include, but are not limited to Computer Proficiency, Introduction to Creative Writing, Logic and Critical Thinking, American Government, and Trigonometry.

Another distance learning program is offered under the Center for Health Sciences titled Telemedicine. Topics and areas covered in this program are Mobile Telemedicine Clinics, and Mobile Integrated Medical Instruments, and Telemedicine. The program uses all multimedia sources and can lead to a certificate applicable in Telemedicine.

These are just a few of the distance learning opportunities that the university has to offer. Enrollment has breached 24,000 students and OSU has matched its large enrollment with a decent student to faculty ratio of 17 to 1. The cost of tuition is reasonably low with full-time students from outside the state paying $13,010/year full-time and $434/credit hour part-time; Oklahoma residents pay $3,585/year full-time and $120/credit hour part-time. Financial aid is available despite the university’s already low costs with 86% of all students receiving some form of financial aid.

Whether the student is on campus or online, the quality of an Oklahoma State education remains the same. What OSU does for students is the same thing it has done for Oklahoma’s economy, it expands business opportunity, offers a great turnout of prepared professionals, and attracts people from all over the country to study.

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