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Located in Norfolk, Virginia, Old Dominion University was begun in 1930 as a division of the College of William and Mary, but burst from that designation to become its own school and achieved University status by 1969. Today it is a monster of education (especially in medical and research areas), offering a comprehensive education to a student body of nearly 25,000 degree seekers from all 50 states and from 113 foreign countries.

To be brief on such a large topic, there are 69 Bachelor, 56 Master, 41 doctoral degrees, and a host of certificates, pre-professional programs and 2 educational specialist degrees. Renowned for research and development (18 ODU research programs rank in the top 100 nationally, as they spend an annual 96 million in R&D), there are numerous opportunities for students to experience firsthand the academic work they’re doing and become familiar with their career before school ends.

OId Dominion is dedicated to their distance learning students, offering an entire area of the site dedicated to their online learners, of which ODU has more of than almost any other college in the nation.  More than just classes online through Blackboard(though there is an extensive catalogue of that), ODU also offers an extensive array of 50+ distance learning degrees through their school, though some are at surrounding colleges/universities that students can access through the website while still enrolled at ODU. There are literally dozens of options for online degrees here, from Business to Health Science and Nursing, all “offering high-quality… academic programs” in both graduate and undergraduate capacities. Some of the degrees consist of televised, in class type of work that takes place on evenings/weekends at designated locales(as in their Nursing RNtoBSN, which may use televised interactive courses, but options for online and video streaming exist). There are Bachelor and Master’s degrees in every major area (offered through all 6 colleges/schools) with 50 different sites (other than ODU) for any blended/hybrid, labs, or televised courses that require attendance on campus (be that campus at ODU-Richmond or the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center or Quantico Marine Corps Base or one of the nearby Virginia community colleges like Rappahannock). Certificates are also offered online, as well as a host of minors of study.

The website for distance learners is extensive at ODU, with not only distance learning class listings, but all degree programs offered at any level through distance learning (online/video streaming/interactive televised evenings&weekends) and where they can be taken. ODU’s offering to military personnel through distance education extends to Quantico, as well as Naval bases in the area , as they do have a Navy partnership allowing several degrees to reach serving men/women around the world(with online courses wherever learners are, not just at Virginia bases).

ODU’s Academic Technology Services, in conjunction with their Distance Learning portal, give students all the tools, aid, and information they need to successfully navigate extensive distance learning options to find the one that’s right for you. Varied study aids, software for proper usage of online materials, access to library materials as well as audio and visual tools are available for ready use through the Net, and there’s an extensive streaming orientation course for anyone looking to do any sort of distance learning.

With a recognized and extensive academic history (113,000 alumni can attest to that), Old Dominion’s premise of “knowledge should be productive” has created an environment of learners dedicated to using education to serve and solve for the world. ODU provides education to better the world.

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  1. Angie Edmonds says:

    I would like to take an on-line graduate level gifted Education course to fulfill requirements necessary for Virginia’s Add-On Gifted Endorsement. Who could I talk to reguarding course availability & enrollment?

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