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What I’m finding is that there is no way I can sanely balance a life between being a full time student, having an online job, and having a physical job. It’s just too much. Thankfully, I’m now realizing that there’s a plethora of jobs on the internet that would save me substantial time commuting, save me gas money, as well as other things. Of course, these jobs aren’t necessarily enough to sustain you – but when you’re like me, and your rent is only three-hundred a month, you can get away with it. I mean, you’ll still be broke. But it’ll be okay, right? Everyone should feel the struggle that is being young and making little money.

Using the internet for online job searching. (photo by Gangplank HQ)

Using the internet for online job searching. (photo by Gangplank HQ)

Here’s some online jobs you probably haven’t thought about. Depending on the job, it may pertain to your craft.

#1. A Writing Job

My favorite place to check is Craigslist for these jobs. Newsprint is a thing of the past. It’s out with the old, and in with the new. With all of the unlimited possibilities with the internet, blogs up and start every single day. Which means, depending on the blog, some will need a staff on board to write articles for them. So if writing is your talent, I’d thoroughly suggest picking it up.

#2. Tutoring

You can actually be an online tutor in any subject if your grades meet a certain criteria (obviously, you have to know what you’re talking about.) Maybe it’s not the happiest thought for you that in your free time you’d be essentially doing more schooling, but if it comes down to it and you need a job – and you’re good at a subject – there’s no question about it that this is a good idea. You can even be a physical tutor if there is an elementary, middle, or even high school nearby that has an after-school program of sorts.

#3. Etsy

Are you good at any craft? Do your friends adore your work – enough that they’ve asked to buy pieces from you? From painting to knitting to making wooden stamps, there’s a whole world of crafting that you can get into. Don’t like crafting? Chances are you just haven’t been introduced to the one that’s for you. It’s much like reading; everyone can get into reading, but they say they don’t like it because they have yet to be exposed to a book or genre that fits their criteria.

Etsy is a way you can sell your handmade, DIY, and vintage stuff online. Essentially, you have your own shop.

There are you have it! If you succeed in any of these three areas, you can use them to your advantage! And it’s a smart thing to do.

It’ll save you time and money and you can do something you actually enjoy – instead of doing a run-of-the-mill job.

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