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Among some of the most famous educational websites is a great pathway to the understanding of the education world, called OpenSesame. OpenSesame states that their mission is to “…connect learners and content providers directly in a marketplace…” Many do not often think of the dollar signs behind education in this aspect. If anything, people are more inclined to think of money and education in a college perspective. Big names such as For Dummies, Wunderman, and D&B are buyers and sellers of OpenSesame.

For Dummies is one of the buyers and sellers on OpenSesame (photo by nik cubrilovic)

For Dummies is one of the buyers and sellers on OpenSesame (photo by nik cubrilovic)

The company seeks to train in elearning and business. OpenSesame, based out of Oregon, serves as the middle man – between selling and buying courses, between consumer and producer. With easy access and an easy format, it is a simple feat to buy and sell via this website. The website has been quoted as, the Amazon franchise of eLearning.

Throughout the website, OpenSesame speaks of LMS. What LMS stands for is Learning Management Systems. Such systems that OpenSesame utilizes are as follows: Bluevolt, Cogentys, e-Mersion, eCampus, eTrain Center, Joomlalms, Litmos, Lmless, Omnibuslearning, and TOPYX.

Not only is your information guaranteed to be secure through the site, but you are also able to use any learning management system (which I will explain below) without heed. Because everyone has different learning styles and different ways of managing learning, it is a beautiful thing that this site lets you personalize and individualize your learning. With at least thirty courses available in business alone, the criteria you can study upon is vast. From business skills, to safety courses such as forklift safety and alcohol and food safety, to industry specific courses like welding, and sustainable energy, there is something for everyone.

In the blog that I talked of previously, there are resources for you to better understand OpenSesame’s business. There are also categories by who will benefit the most from the articles listed. For example, there are articles for buyers, such as Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2013, and Workplace Harassment Courses for Supervisors. As for sellers, they, too, have a section dedicated to them. From titles such as “How to Make it As An eLearning Freelancer,” and “Three Steps to Developing Content that Sells Itself.”

Ultimately, OpenSesame is more of a business website than a learning website. Although, being the middle man, they do give links to courses and have them available to purchase, they are more of a company about the business aspect of education. This is not to say that that is necessarily unworthy of your time; in any situation, you need people who are run businesses like OpenSesame – people who care for the business aspect of any topic.

Ultimately, OpenSesame is something you should look forward to for enterprise and business. To request more information on the business, the eLearning courses available, and more, click here.

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