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For those who enjoy knowledge for the sake of knowledge, looking into free courses is always a good resource that the internet has to offer. After all, it is one of the better ways to utilize the internet, than say, wasting time and procrastinating on games like Farmville. Take heed: the courses I am about to describe are not accredited; you will not receive credit hours, a degree, or certification. If that is what you are interested, but would like the benefits of staying at home, distance learning is something you may want to look into. In the same way, there is no reason for these courses to have a registration nor a registration fee because of it. Instead, one will receive the satisfaction of internal motivation, and self-learning as I depicted in the article, Educate Yourself with Freebies. Perhaps one may even figure out what they would like to major in through introspecting on what they like course-wise.

Chairman of the English department at Yale, Langdon Hammer offers an OYC on Modern Poetry. (photo by

Chairman of the English department at Yale, Langdon Hammer offers an OYC on Modern Poetry. (photo by

Open Yale Courses, which are courses recorded from Yale college, provide downloadable audio recordings of lectures and other course materials, such as suggested readings and problem solving sets, for your listening pleasure (or viewing pleasure if you would like to download the searchable transcripts.) It is almost as if the courses are simulations of real higher learning! Even if you’re on the other side of the world, the information is attainable to you through the grant provided by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to Yale.

The courses and their descriptions, as provided by this link, range from several departments, including African American Studies to Biomedical Engineering. The undergraduate studies given freely via internet even include some elective courses, such as music and philosophy. Perhaps the field of study that you are interested in is provided through Open Yale Courses!

Because of the minimalistic design of the website, the navigation is easy for even the least technologically savvy person. Everything on the website is sweet, short, and concise – which may help to make the viewer make the most of their time learning instead of navigating.

If you are unsure of the benefits available to you through Open Yale Courses, theincidentaleconomist has taken some of the courses available on OYC and has reviewed each one on his blog, as according to his post, “New Open Yale Courses.” Austin Frakt, one of the bloggers on theincidentaleconomist has stated in a comment on that post that Open Yale Courses were the best free college podcasts that he has tried so far. Others on the comment listing agreed.

In addition to the courses as previously described, as a complement, the Youtube channel entitled, “Yale University Courses,” offers more syllabi and resources to the public.

It seems as if Open Yale Courses have hit almost every medium of learning; from internet podcasts and videos to transcripts and other resources, these courses are not ones that you will want to let pass by!

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    I am from a Haiti, 56 year old female. I work for the state of New York. I’ve learning how to trade index options . I appreciate the free course you have online. Once again thank you. Sincerely Kettly .

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