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The point of an education is not to be standardized. The point of an education is not to give everyone the same, uniform education. Instead, the point of an education is to break free of the usual and create the unusual – to impact the world in a beneficial way and ensure that we are developing, for if we are not developing, we are dismantling ourselves, ultimately regressing.

In many ways, we can help our imaginations run free. Coupled with an education, the possibilities of what can unravel are endless. Of course, not everyone is going to have the capacity to optimize creativity so much as to innovate and discover new principles in the worlds of science, business, among other fields.

Mind maps are also a great way to write down your ideas as they flow freely. (photo by mie.kaieda)

Mind maps are also a great way to write down your ideas as they flow freely. (photo by mie.kaieda)

Tip One: Write Everything Down

Writing down innovations and ideas when they first appear are key. If you don’t remember your “brilliant” idea that you wish to patent, well, as simple as it is – you can’t patent it. Many use the annotation of memory to better remember their past dreams as well. A dream journal is a common record of daily night’s dreams. For example, I have had many dreams in which I have designed a bag or an article of clothing. Although the dreams were so vivid that I did not need to record them, I sketched the idea anyway – ensuring that the memory would be accessible to me if I decided to follow through with the idea.

Tip Two: Expand Your Abilities and Skills to Better Equip Your Needs

There are several things you can do to optimize creativity. For example, exercising creative thinking – or breaking free of functional fixedness – will allow you to thrive. According to The Power of Habit, in the beginning days of Pepsodent, a toothpaste brand, the marketers and advertisers were given the task of making the product seem necessary to consumers. Because dental care was not a priority in the past, they were baffled in finding a way to ensure that people would use it daily, meaning they would have to buy more of the product. In the end, using tactics like speaking of a film over your teeth and the reward of a beautiful smile, they were able to sell the product effectively and rake in the big bucks. Without the creative thinking of the marketers and advertisers, Pepsodent would not be the esteemed dental care brand that it is today. This idea is why creativity is so important.

Tip Three: Don’t Fear

For those who have tangible ideas and the adequate abilities and skills to make the ideas successful, one should not let the idea of fear stop them. The fear of embarrassment and the fear of failure may stop you from pursuing or patenting an idea. Without boldness, none of the innovation is worthwhile. Without the ability to lead, to stand up and take responsibility for your ideas, there is no reason to do any of the above. In fact, you will be stagnant – a place that no one wants to be when deep inside, they understand their potential is greater than they let on.

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