Organizing Tips for the College Kid

Unfortunately, most college students don’t have that big of a room to begin with – and then they have to room with someone else. So how, when you may only have room for a desk and your bed, do you fit anything else? These are some tips I have discovered over the years that may help you in your new cramped room. Give your room personality and space at the same time.

Organization can save the day when you're pressed for time! (photo by BLW Photography)

Organization can save the day when you’re pressed for time! (photo by BLW Photography)

1. Invest in wall shelves.

You can have basically anything on your wall shelves. Perhaps line them hire up on your ceiling horizontally, or vertically down one of your walls. This way you can have your textbooks away from your desk. Another good idea? Have your alarm clock up on the highest shelf – it’ll force you to actually get up to turn it off in the morning, basically ensuring that you will not wake up late to any of your classes.

2. Invest in a wall hook.

Urban Outfitters has adorable and wall hooks. My favorites are the ones with multiples, so you can hang up all of your necessities on the wall. That way you always know where they are, and can be on-the-go as much as you want. The things I would put on my wall hooks? My purse, keys, and umbrella. Because frankly, you never know.

3. Crank up your bed.

You can elevate your bed so that there’s room to store things underneath. Now, this part gets a little tricky – because I know in my past, when my bed wasn’t an air mattress on the floor, I would stuff everything under my bed to make my room “clean.” Yeah, that shouldn’t happen in your dorm. Which is why I say…

4. Invest in organizing boxes.

The dollar store has plastic containers if you’re pressed for money. The more you organize, the better. The more you know where everything is and the more you don’t have to worry about your side of the room. I would, for example, have separate boxes for miscellaneous things, extra school supplies, and teas and coffees (because I don’t wish to share these things!)

5. Use these boxes elsewhere too!

Chances are you’re going to have to share your bathroom with strangers. And that’s no fun! To ensure that your stuff doesn’t get mixed up with theirs, use the cabinets under the sink to separate their stuff from your stuff. Now, if they go into your boxes and use your things without permission, that’s an entirely different problem.

6. Hope.

Hope that your roommate is as organized as you are, because if they’re not, it’s not exactly going to be the funnest. No matter how organized you are, if they have paper plates everywhere and clothes strewn about the floor, it’ll be hard for you to separate the roaches from your things. Good luck!

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