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As I stated in my last post, Open Yale Courses, free online resources for learning can help one attain the knowledge they wish for to succeed in life. Of course, Open Yale Courses were unaccredited. It is in the same way that P2PU, or Peer 2 Peer University, is for those who seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge. This free, online program allows for people to combine their knowledge, learn through objective learning, and give feedback and constructive criticism to their peers on the website. This website, not limited by special courses only offered at one university, states that you can learn anything. It makes sense, as if the courses and groups that you idealistically want to take and dive into, you are free to start your own!

Instead of merely feeding the information to the student, as general educational institutions and educators do, P2PU offers to break that chain, by learning through each other’s experiences instead of transmitted information.

Some popular courses offered by the website are as follows:

The MIT App Inventor Explorer is one of the many courses offered by P2PU. (photo by p2pu.org)

The MIT App Inventor Explorer is one of the many courses offered by P2PU. (photo by p2pu.org)

  • MIT App Inventor Explorer
    The picture given, as shown on the left, depicts binary code being poured into a cellular device. To be specific, this course allows one to use MIT skills to invent apps for Android devices.
  • Introduction to Ruby
    Another program in the field of Computer Science, Ruby is a high-level programming language that you may learn the basis of in this free course offered by P2PU
  • The Art of Digital Cinematography
    In this course, people are able to create and post their own projects onto the activity wall. The aim of this course is to allow filmography enthusiasts to gather, work on small projects together, and at the end, showcase their work.
  • Technovation Challenge Mentor Course
    This course offers completion in the short amount of five hours max. The challenge given is to share leadership skills and grow professionally in the field of technology. The course includes several subjects, including: building a personal brand, leading a team, and project managing.

The site also offers integration and a community setting, as you can contribute in several different ways including: creating a course or study group, join a community discussion in a forum setting, or even meeting up with your P2PU peers in real life by starting or joining a Meetup!

The site is a great idea in itself, for it runs mostly in a self-sufficient manner, while producing real results! Although students of P2PU will not receive certification for their completion of these courses, again, as I stated in the last post, self-sufficient learning is a beautiful thing. It trains the mind to the most efficient manner it could be, one becomes more independent because of the self-sufficiency of the program, and the prospect of knowledge for the sake of knowledge is coveted by the learners who enroll in these courses.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what P2PU is doing, you may want to check their blog. Here, articles are posted about new courses, their plans for the future in learning at P2PU, among various other things.

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