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Pace University is akin to its hometown of New York City, a one stop spot for all you need. Founded in1906, it has gained a reputation for engaging their students “with critical issues locally and globally”, with an “outcome oriented environment” that uses the surrounding city and its resources to ready students for success in a variety of professions.

Offering Associate through PhD programs, with certifications galore, there are over 100 undergraduate majors to choose from, another 47 Masters programs, and 4 more PhD level degrees here. Overall, there are 47 different graduate/undergraduate degrees available to the nearly 13500 students currently enrolled at the two campuses (one in NYC proper, one in Westchester). As it is the city that never sleeps, research and internship opportunities highlight the experiential atmosphere at Pace, with Business and Technology degrees at a premium, a fantastic Nursing school, and a Law program of about 1000 students. 2/3 of the faculty are terminally degreed in their fields and often come from the professional realm to teach from hands on knowledge.

Due to its size and sheer magnitude of academics offered at all levels, every school/college at Pace has some level of distance education, many offering several degrees.  Actually, the Lienhard School of Nursing offers only online courses (no degrees) and it is unable (according to New York and the American Bar Association) to offer law degrees online, so the School of Law actually only offers Online Continuing Education (“over 100 high quality programs taught by experts in the field, including many ethics programs”). Online courses are available in all subjects, both for the busy adult learner and for traditional students looking for a leg up.

For degree seekers, options are quite nice. Bachelor seekers can take advantage of Pace’s Online Accelerated Bachelor’s, offering those with at least 64 credit hours of previous work (an Associate’s worth of schooling) to complete their degree in under two years. All 3 offerings are BS degrees designed to endow adult students with the tools to succeed in today’s workplace, with one in Professional/Organizational Communications and two in Professional Technology Studies (with an eCommerce or Telecommunications concentration). Those without an Associate degree can earn one as well, again with both two degree options designed for urban professionals (in view of the city, most options are designed to aid big city residents). Pace offers both online A.S degrees in Information Technology, one in Networking and one in Telecommunications.

Pace also has options for graduate students, with an online Master’s program in Publishing, Management for Public Safety/Homeland Security, and one for Internet Technologies (eCommerce). These are all offered without on campus work through Blackboard (Pace’s course management system for all distance education), though there is a hybrid MBA program which requires weekend residencies combined with online learning. There’s even a PhD for distance learners in Professional Studies-Computing with concentrations for either IT Professionals or Education Professionals (though this does require monthly on campus meetings).

Pace is dedicated to its online community, with constant updates and communication through email (Pace gmail actually), online tutoring and help for students, near total library access, and even career services. Any program can be altered to better fit disabled students as well, with Pace offering online options for any wishing education, regardless of mobility or capacity.

Whether for distance education or traditional in class learning, Pace has the right degree for you, backed by a century of teaching New Yorkers and students the world over (100 countries and 50 states) how to survive and succeed in a place as chaotic and demanding as the Big Apple. Hey, if you can make it there…

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