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Oriental medicine has become very important to this country as an alternative to drugs and scalpels. Utilizing techniques like acupuncture, massage therapy, herbology, and meditation, these have become essential fixtures in business and society today, relieving the stresses of day to day life and renewing health through herbal, or non-traditional methods. The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine provides degree and certification training in these arts, bringing centuries of technique and practice to an accredited setting.

Established in 1986, Pacific College operates out of three campuses in San Diego, Chicago, and New York City. Oriental techniques on health and well-being are taught to about 1200 students per campus, resulting in degrees from Associate to Doctorate in a host of ancient methods. The original campus in San Diego achieved their first accreditation in 1995 and now all campuses offer recognized training in majors ranging from a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to an Associate of Applied Science in Holistic Health Science. Each campus offers different programs and degree options (the PhD is only offered at the San Diego campus), but all are taught at the same level of excellence that has won them several Best in the West awards and numerous library awards.

As of the Fall of 2010, Pacific College has been approved to begin offering general education requirements online, both in hybrid and completely off campus styles. Winter 2011 began the gradual offering of these classes, which still require getting in contact with an Admission Representative to learn how to register for them. Designed to “allow students to engage in academic activity at convenient times and relieve the pressure created by jobs/responsibilities”, Pacific College actually has a two-tiered system in place to test if a student is ready for online learning. There is a self-assessment portion (can I make time? Will I stay motivated? Is my computer up to date?), as well as the READI test by SmartMeasure, a prepared exam to see whether “distance learning and/or learning in a technology rich course is a good fit”, both of which must be completed before any online courses can be registered for.

Due to the nature of the college, the clinics here are offer “effective, low cost treatment for a variety of ailments”, allowing students and faculty to work in the fields their discussing in the classrooms. Experiential opportunities abound in all areas, with highly experienced faculty working in tandem with students, with professors often trained in both Oriental healing techniques and Western medicinal practice. Each clinic is state of the art, including in-house herbal pharmacies with products ranging from raw herbs to patent medicines. Clinics are open to the public and treat an average of 1500 patients each week.

Giving students the necessary tools and education to succeed in Oriental medicine, as well as the hands on work from people who have been doing work in the field since before the school was even accredited, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine looks to reduce the stress of our lives by providing a stress free road for professionals to received training in reducing ours.

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