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Pacific Oaks College is all about the children. Operating out of Pasadena, California since 1945, Pacific Oaks offers a specialized college experience, with accredited degree programs for those looking to become professional advocates and work with children through the all important early stages of development.

Created with working adults in mind, the student body of Pacific Oaks is almost entirely part-time, with both graduate and undergrad programs for its roughly 1300 students, with a large majority in graduate programs. Offering full time traditional classes, as well as evening/weekend options, distance learning in both hybrid and wholly online formats, and degree options for both Bachelor and Master seekers looking to work with children, Pacific Oaks educates adults on how to educate the children of our future. Bachelor of Arts options in Human Development and Early Childhood Education are matched by M.A. programs in the same areas, as well as an M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy, a post-graduate certificate in Human Development, and teacher education credentialing (all with accompanying major options).

Pacific Oaks is “rooted in the Quaker principles of inclusion, social justice, and the valuing of every human being’s worth and potential”, they have created as flexible and informative a learning environment as possible, whether online or on campus.  All learning combines “academic, research, clinical, and community” work regardless of program and all with the well-being and proper care of children as the final goal for all their learning. Many programs employ cohort systems, with the same group learning and working together their whole time in school.

Distance learners are welcome at Pacific Oaks, as they strive to include resources for learning to anyone wishing to apply. Valuing real world experience as much as book learning, some programs like the MA in Marital/Family Therapy and the teacher credentialing aren’t offered online due to the need for supervised, experiential education, but there are online programs in the Human Development B.A./M.A. programs, as well as the B.A./M.A. in Early Childhood Education. Degree programs that include practical and intern/observed portions, such as in Early Childhood Education, allow for many to complete these in the area where they reside. Also, additional campuses at Salinas, Sacramento, Visalia, Santa Cruz, Chico, and Poterville offer additional classes for programs that have hybrid options, as well as offering traditional students the chance to learn in California locations away from the 4 acre suburban Pasadena campus.

Online library access, registration, and links to area centers for both education/information and to provide opportunities to work, intern, or volunteer.

Most programs have part time student options which allows for a more extended and leisurely learning pace, as well as numerous weekend and evening options for any learner’s schedule. The semester schedule offered changes little in the summer months, as so many programs do, and has much the same curriculum as the fall and spring semester (though online classes start about a week apart from traditional semesters). The Credit for Life Experience option also allows for quicker completion of degrees, with up to 30 credits allowable for the aforementioned “real world experience” towards either the Human Development or Therapy M.A. degrees.

Designed to give working adults the chance to improve on their education without sacrificing their daily working lives, Pacific Oaks College has been instructing adults in the care of children for over 60 years, ensuring there is no obstacle to proper teaching in this area.

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