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Preparing students for careers in business and information technology since 1928, Los Angeles, California’s Pacific States University offers a “comprehensive education” in the many business fields and key computer science areas to keep up with the changing world. Utilizing field-based learning and experienced faculty (with not just terminal degrees, but real world understanding from working in the field), PSU gives a largely multi-cultural student body from over 40 countries the chance to mix and learn in the baumy beauty of southern California.

Offering both Bachelor and Master degree tracts from both the College of Business or the College of Computer Science and Information Systems, as well as a PhD in Business Administration, PSU also provides a certificate option in Accounting for the AICPA Exam, as well as an Enrolled IRS Agent review course. Due to the diverse student body and the many overseas faculty drawn to PSU, there is also an English as a Second Language course.

In truth, many graduates end up perfectly suited for foreign work owing to the many cultures and ethnicities mixing and learning together of the systems and business practices the world over. One of the primary draws to PSU is not only their location (with all the resources and internship opportunities inherent), but also their small class sizes, allowing for the melting pot of students and faculty to exchange ideas and further their knowledge beyond the page.

Distance Learning at Pacific States follows an accelerated, 11-week quarter curriculum that offers a Master of Business Administration degree. A self-described “multi-purpose school…[with] degrees that reflect the most current and professional trends”, so online classes promote the same “discover of knowledge… application of skills… and development of intellect and character” as their traditional equivalents, but with distance and time barriers dissolved. With a low tuition cost and a easy to use, professionally developed online environment for students to learn and interact through, PSU’s online MBA is taught by the same qualified faculty as traditional classes (though there is a decided technological know-how added in) and credits are completely transferrable to a traditional campus program at the campus.

Online classes are offered both through text, Powerpoint, and Real Player clips, but are also available in hardcopy on CD-ROMs. Computer and Internet service for students both online and on campus include not only web access to the PSU’s University Library (15,000 volumes, as well as periodicals and professional journals), but also direct access to the online catalogue for other California campuses, including access to libraries such as the Los Angeles Public Library. Computer labs are fitted with up to date computers and students are encouraged to take classes on evenings and weekends, or utilize the accelerated courses and take advantage of summer sessions. Undergrads can graduate in just three years if they use the fourth summer quarter each year, with graduate students able to get in under a year with certain prerequisites (credits, degree).

Foreign students looking to attend PSU are also able to take their Intersegmental General Ed Transfer Curriculum at California Community Colleges, making it easier to get into regular college courses without having to wait for PSU to offer the right general education requirements.

Offering a world class and world informed education to business and computer information majors, PSU takes technology and puts the understanding  of it and its place in today’s business climate directly in the classrooms.  The resulting graduate is able to handle the career anywhere in the world, with solid information from industry professionals, as well as accredited and foreign friendly courses for all comers.

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