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Paine College, a historically Black college located in Augusta, Georgia, has been offering a “liberal arts education…that emphasizes academic excellence” since 1882. Founded with the help of the United Methodist Church and the Christian Methodist Episcopals (once the Colored Methodist Epsicopals), it was initially created to train African Americans to teach and preach, thereby allowing them to address the growing needs of the free Blacks in the South.

Today, the 57 acre campus is just a short drive from the downtown Augusta storefront they started in (as well as being mere hours away from Atlanta and Columbia, South Carolina). A four year liberal arts school, Paine offers either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in 30 different majors across 5 academic departments. Popular majors trend towards Biology, Education, and Mass Communication. The 908 person student body is given a 1:13 student to teacher ratio, with 58 full time professors with 38 Doctorates among them.

Online and blended programs are offered at Paine, though there is no entirely online degree program offered. Students wishing to enroll in either the Online or Blended Learning programs at Paine are required to have their own laptop, desktop, or iPad before they can even be allowed. For the Online version, the school ensures that no student takes more than 40% of their major program’s requirements in an online format or goes over 18 credit hours per semester (traditional and online combined). The Blended courses require either a laptop or iPad (a desktop isn’t enough here, as you’ll be bringing it to class) and are typically structured so that six weeks consist of face-to-face, traditional teaching, while the other three weeks are completely online (weeks 3, 6, and 7 usually).

There are between 20-30 courses offered online per semester that span from Black Literature (1760-1900) to World History. Blended courses are offered at both the main campus and Augusta State. There is also a Fort Gordon program, allowing military personnel (as well as their dependants, military retirees, and others with “special circumstances”) to receive an education with the same “high quality of excellence” maintained at Paine proper. Fort Gordon students may pursue either a B.S. in Business Administration or a B.A. in Sociology, with five 9 week semesters as well as an online summer six weeks, allowing active military to enter school at the beginning of any semester. Condensed schedules are offered, as well as additional online options from other colleges.

Library resources are offered online as well as an Online Financial Aid System allowing students to receive constant updates on their school finances, their payment history, and lists of any documents outstanding.

Opportunities for experiential learning exist in numerous work study programs (with intern possibilities in Atlanta, as well as Augusta and points outside Georgia) and students work closely with teachers in numerous academic programs, from the Honors society to the Georgia Association of Educators. Administration and professors even care about student retention, with a program in place to chart attendance drops and provide counseling/intervention for students who may drop out if left unmentored.

Since its founding in 1882, Paine College has continued to prepare students for leadership in the local, national, and international communities”, welcoming all to the college started by the union of white and black Methodists over a hundred years ago.

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