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Palmer College is THE Chiropractic school, graduating almost a third of those practicing around the world. Not only has it been in operation since 1897, when it opened its first campus in Davenport, Iowa, but it has become the standard bearer by which all other chiropractic schools are based. Many other chiropractic schools have been founded since, many by Palmer graduates, and even Palmer itself has grown with its field, opening campuses in San Jose, California and Port Orange, Florida to keep up with demand for education in this field.

Offering Associate degrees through PhDs to aspiring chiropractors, it uses up to date technique and technology to keep with its mission of “advancing the understanding of chiropractic”. From intensive in class learning and lab work to online continuing education and community outreach, Palmer has advanced at the same pace as its field of education, riding the crest of chiropractic research and ushering in new and useful techniques.

Vast amounts of clinical experiences are combined with classes taught by individuals who have made a life of working in the field, creating a close-knit community of learners dedicated to “contributing to the overall quality of…patient’s lives and their overall health and well-being”.

Much of the education at Palmer requires in class work, but there are opportunities for online learners to continue their education with Palmer Online. While most states may not accept online schooling for initial licensing, most do accept online credits when applying for license renewal and Palmer offers numerous courses for just that. Distance education courses carry no credit towards your initial degree, but offer a variety of topics for those in the chiropractic business, from Electrodiagnosis to Documentation courses. There are even a variety of state specific courses that are created specifically with that states rules and regulations in mind (for those wishing to renew or relocate).

The 20 plus offerings per semester are in addition to an online Technique Registry, allowing for the often changing world of adjustment techniques to be fully explored and to keep the practicer up to date. All testing is accomplished online and allows for continuing education at each level of technique, with certificates upon their completion.

Hybrid offerings in the areas of Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner and the Sports Diplomate Program combine weekend sessions of varying amounts with intensive online study and testing to help post-graduates develop specializations and increase employability.

There is also a joint admission program at the Davenport and Florida campuses, allowing those looking to pursue a doctoral career in Chiropracting to take their prerequisite courses at area schools. Scott Community College in Iowa and Keiser University in Florida allow accelerated courses towards an Associate’s degree, utilizing online courses when possible, and can be taken in combination with courses on the Palmer campus proper.

Another important tenet at Palmer is research, “engaging all faculty, students, staff,” on every campus in one of the “largest and most highly funded research efforts in the chiropractic educational community”. The Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research continue in long-standing research projects with universities and medical centers/schools to forever advance the science of alignment.

With over a hundred years of writing the book of Chiropracting, Palmer College stands atop the heap as the number one source for both undergrads seeking degrees or professionals looking to never lose that edge of knowledge.

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