Part-time Job Tips For High School Students

Different from jobs that require degrees ( check this post for Top 10 In-Demand Jobs That Require Degrees), there are many part-time job opportunities for high school students. Almost every high school student who has a job is working part-time. And mostly, high school students do not start working until junior, or senior year, simply because many part-time jobs have the age limit of 16, or 17 years old. There are many benefits for having a part-time job, including personal growth, financial support, and so on. If you are a high school students looking for a part-time job, here are tips that may help you:

Many high school students work for fast food restaurants like McDonald's. ( Photo by smenzel)

Many high school students work for fast food restaurants like McDonald’s. ( Photo by smenzel)

Tip One: What Are Some Good Part-time Job For You?

As a high school student, you do not have any degree or work experience to make you more competitive than adults, however, there are jobs that teenagers are easier to get:

  • Restaurant Jobs: you can work as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant. You can also be an employee in a fast-food restaurant like McDonald’s. Compared to a real restaurant, you will not get tips in a fast-food restaurant and your wage is probably the minimum wage. But it may be the easiest to get a job there. Having a job is better than no job for a high student, right?
  • Grocery Jobs: you can work as a cashier or other position in a grocery store. There are so many grocery stores everywhere, so you would have many to choose from. Apply to several grocery stores around your home, and you would have a bigger chance to get hired!
  • Mall Jobs: working in the mall sounds cool for many high school students. You may get to work for your favorite stores, and you could go shopping right after your work. Usually teenagers work in the mall as sale assistants or employees of food court restaurants.
  • Online Jobs: you can work online, such as writing for a website, running a Facebook page for a company, or so on. This kind of jobs gives you more freedom and does not require transportation.
  • Community Jobs: if your neighbors have children, you may babysit to earn some money. Also, you could walk other people’s dogs, or mow the lawns in your neighborhood to make money.

Check this article and this link to learn about some other jobs good for high school students.

Tip Two: How To Get A Job?

Now, you may know which kind of job you want to get. But how to get it?

  • Search for job opportunity online.
  • Ask for applications in store or use online application.
  • If there is an interview, make sure you dress properly and be prepared.
  • Also pay attention to spam.
  • Apply to multiple places.
  • Do not feel disappointed if you do not get the job after the interview. Just try another place.

Tip Three: How To Keep The Job?

After being hired, you should appreciate the opportunity and do your best. Performing well in your job is the essential way to keep the job and probably get a raise in wage. So keep positive and learn every time you go to work. Good Luck!

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