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Founded by Bay area Evangelical preachers in 1944 under the name “Oakland Bible Institute”, what is today known as Patten University has spend over half a decade educating the religious leaders of tomorrow. Though teaching from several locations of over the years, it has never left its home city of Oakland California, where it today continues to offer a Christ centered education in both religious and non-religious areas.

With accredited degree programs for graduate and undergrad degree seekers, Patten prepares men and women for a “life of leadership and service”, regardless of their path lies with God or in one of their varying degree programs. Divided into three schools (Arts/Science/Business, Education, and, of course, Theological and Religious Studies), Patten offers 4 Associate tracts, another 10 Bachelor programs, and a Master of Arts in Education. There are also multiple California teacher certification courses available for those seeking additional credentials after receiving a Bachelor degree (and adheres to all California requirements).

In addition to the non-secular degrees, the Theological and Religious Studies division offers up 7 different degree programs for aspiring Christian learners, ranging for an A.A. in Biblical Studies to a B.A. in Intercultural-Urban Ministries. There’s even a Biblical Studies-Ministry Certificate program, a 24 credit program designed to train pastoral assistants and start them on the road to, perhaps, a Bachelor program (with the courses the same as the B.A. program at Patten).

In addition, Patten began offering Weekend Science Courses in 1986, allowing pre-med, pre-dental, and other Health Science students, to fulfill their health science pre-requisite courses in justĀ  four weekends. With many credit transfer options available for community and four year colleges, it offers an accelerated option for those looking to begin a career in a medical field.

Wherever you are in your “academic preparation for the ministry… geographically, academically, or financially…”, Patten University’s distance learning options can provide you with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Church leadership. A completely online degree that requires no campus visit what-so-ever, the Patten Internet Degree Program offers four different B.A.s for Christian learners in Ministry Leadership, Counseling Leadership, Youth Ministry, and Music/Worship Leadership.

Knowing most pursuers are already involved in day-to-day church duties, the ease of online learning at Patten allows for schooling to operate on the student’s own schedule, without sacrificing quality or that feeling of community. The IDP connects students around the world, allowing interaction and exchange of ideas over the net as students from disparate backgrounds are brought together as they would in a traditional classroom. Tuition is affordable and each B.A. program is an all inclusive, 120+ credit endeavor equal to the on campus equivalent.

Though their mission of creating the leaders and servants of tomorrow extends to all areas of the school, there is a sticky Judeo-Christian center that holds all the different majors and students together. Looking to “inspire student to commit themselves to God…and to live as morally responsible individuals in whatever profession they choose”, a Patten education ins meant to inspire a student to better their community and the world around them.

Training people who will, in turn, serve the world around them, Patten University offers a fine education with a rich, moral center.

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