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Paul Quinn College is a college that is historically African-American in background, affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church and is situated in Dallas, Texas. The prime directive of Paul Quinn College is to provide quality education for students of all faiths and backgrounds in the Christian tradition. Paul Quinn educates the whole student. This means that the student’s mind, the student’s intellect, and the student’s spirit are all accounted for when pursuing their educational goals. For reasons like these, the college has expanded well beyond its expectations and continues to grow with each graduating class.

There are online courses being offered at Paul Quinn college to allow distance learners the opportunity to fill their credit needs online. Course variety is large and spans a variety of topics that can accommodate students of virtually any major. There are also many individual options that students can use to approach their online education. One can take courses asynchronously for their own guided study or they can arrange their courses to meet the specific requirements of a degree.

Paul Quinn College doesn’t feature online programs that offer degrees 100% at a distance, however the online selection of courses is bound to satisfy the better part of the requisites of a degree. When pursuing education online without the capability of a degree a distance learner is generally left with two main options. First, the distance learner can take as many credits they can while online and then attend the campus in person to fill out the requirements that can’t be taken care of online. There is also the option of filling out as many credits as possible and then transferring the credits to an institution that does feature the complete online degree of interest. Most colleges and universities around the United States will respect credits earned online from Paul Quinn.

Education falls under very affordable rates, and this is part of what Paul Quinn College is known for. Full-time undergraduate students pay the annual amount of $8,280 and $337 per credit hour when enrolling on a part-time schedule. Full-time graduate students are not expected to enroll full-time and there are no full-time tuition rates, however they can pay $337 per credit hour and assemble their schedule part-time.

A whopping 100% of students on campus is receiving financial aid from federal sources, mainly in the form of grants. State and local sources combine to supply roughly half of the student populace with grants and awards for tuition purposes. Paul Quinn itself supplies 48% of all students with institutional grants like scholarships, grants, and awards, but not in great amount.

When enrolling at Paul Quinn College, students can rest assured that their education is in the hands of competent professionals with their best interests in mind. The college has been historically dedicated to helping students that need it most. It’s no surprise that distance learners have online courses to choose from and probably, in the future, distance learners will receive degrees from Paul Quinn College as well.

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