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Paul Smith’s College is a baccalaureate college that is located in Adirondacks, New York. Paul Smith’s specializes in various areas, but mostly in the liberal arts and sciences. Students are given access to only the best quality education that money can buy. Students are also subjected to a friendly, supportive atmosphere that propels them forward through their studies and into their careers as a college should. On top of that, classes are personalized to students in order to give each student individualized attention and a chance at interacting with the professor on crucial matters of coursework.

Paul Smith’s College currently doesn’t feature online programs where distance learners can take courses or earn their degree. Despite this, the college is apt to install online classes in the near future in an effort to spread Paul Smith’s education to the masses that can’t make it to campus. With that in mind, there are some programs that are rather difficult to convey over distance learning, such as Outdoor Surveying. Nevertheless, it is assured that topics like these will be available and have been successfully been administered by other colleges and universities around the United States.

The area of chief concentration at Paul Smith’s College is Culinary Arts and/or Chef Training. Paul Smith’s College is said to have a very strong culinary program in which many students have experienced not only high quality education, but very high rates of employment shortly after graduation from said programs. Paul Smith’s College is unique in that it specializes also not in Engineering, per se, but in Engineering-Related Technologies as a specialized, more career-focused form of education for undergraduates to pursue.

Some other popular majors at Paul Smith’s College include, but are not limited to Environmental Science, Personal Services, Business, Marketing, and Parks & Recreational Studies. There has also been increased attention from students in taking classes that are taught outdoors in the wilderness where the subject matter originates. This may not be pertinent to distance learners, but, with advances in instructional technology, video and audio straight from the source may be very pertinent to the next generation of online classes.

Since Paul Smith’s College is baccalaureate in nature, only undergraduate rates apply. Undergraduate full-time students will pay $18,460 per year when enrolling on a full-time basis and $520 per year when enrolling on a part-time basis. Students at the undergraduate level are paying close to $20,000 per year and this can be rather difficult to finance. Fortunately, 98% of students at Paul Smith’s College are receiving financial aid in some form and to some extent.

Federal grants, for one, make it into the hands of approximately 1 out of 3 students each year. State and local sources combine to supply just over half of the student body with grants and awards for tuition purposes. Paul Smith’s College itself supplies 96% of the student body with institutional grants to help offset the cost of higher education.

Paul Smith’s College is a unique one, but still offers the solid core of quality instruction, diverse curriculum, and personalized attention in each class. Distance learners may not yet have the opportunity to join Paul Smith’s College, but the possibility is ripe and likely on it’s way.

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