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Peace College is a women’s college of the liberal arts that is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Peace College offers curriculum that spans the liberal arts and sciences to accommodate women that are pursuing virtually any study. Student body is small and is a contributing factor to small class sizes that ensure individualized attention and instruction. The student to faculty ratio is 11 to 1. In addition, Peace College supplies women with quality education from qualified instructors and the education is not delegated to teaching assistants or interns.

Peace College does feature select distance learning opportunities that were originally devised as an extension to on campus study, however, open enrollment for online courses is encouraged. There is no mention of a complete online degree program and this is most likely just a matter of time that Peace College hasn’t had the chance to offer degrees online just yet. Many single-sex colleges and universities have featured online platforms in which distance learners could complete their degree 100% online.

One option that distance learners can use when attempting distance education from Peace College is to collect as many credits as possible over the net and then move to campus for a brief period to complete their study. This would be effective in eliminating most of the time spent on campus in a situation where eliminating all time spent on campus is not possible. There is also the option of completing credits online and then transferring said credits to an institution that does feature the online degree that the distance learner desires to complete. Most colleges and universities around the country will accept credits earned online from Peace College.

Many students search for colleges based on the distribution of its topics and the amount of investment that colleges pour into each respective area of study. For those students, Peace College is best attended for the majors of Business Administration & Management, Communication Studies, Developmental & Child Psychology, General Psychology, and Human Resources Management.

Since Peace College is baccalaureate in nature, students need only be concerned with undergraduate tuition rates. Full-time students at the undergraduate level will pay $22,818 per year and part-time undergraduate students will pay $400 per credit hour. Financing an education that demands more than $20,000 a year can be rather difficult. Fortunately, all students on campus are receiving financial aid in some form and to some extent.

Federal grants make it into the hands of approximately 4 out of 10 students each year. State and local sources combine to supply 91% of students attending the college. Peace College itself allots institutional grants, such as scholarships, and other merit-based awards, to 100% of its students in an effort to curtail the cost of a higher education.

Peace College is the college of choice, particularly for North Carolinian women, that supplies virtually the best education that money can buy. Distance learners have a selection of online courses to work with at the present moment. It is possible in the future that degree programs will be offered to distance learners as well.

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