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I remember sitting down and telling my parents I was thinking about going to a trade school for business or computer science. They were beyond displeased. And why? I questioned – I knew little about trade school other than the fact that it was cheaper and faster than a four year university. My father had gone to a trade school to receive a certification in computer science – and then stated that no one takes the certification seriously because it’s from a trade school. So why all the hate on trade schools? Are they not credible?

Is an education less credible if it's not from a college? (photo by sa_ku_ra)

Is an education less credible if it’s not from a college? (photo by sa_ku_ra)

Let’s analyze this from some different perspectives.

As according to But I Did Everything Right Or So I Thought, students cite two main reasons as to why they would choose a trade school over college. Number one is the cost, and number two is the time – the reasons I had previously stated for my thought process. It’s no wonder that our generation thinks about trade school more than college – we simply want the instant gratification and the instant dive into the work force.

And as we look at the perspective given to us by the economy, we need people to do the jobs that trade schools train them to do. We need people to be the electricians and the manufacturers, the cosmetologists and the businessmen. Really, all of these things are needed – there are some, whether less abundant or more abundant, demand for these jobs that trade schools offer. Not everyone was meant to go to college – or complete it. For some reason, we have conditioned our children and this generation to believe that college is the only way to go.

There is hefty consideration into what our parents say as well. My dad completely convinced me against trade school – even though part of me is still attracted by the low cost and short amount of time. However – not all parents have this viewpoint. As according to Yahoo! Answers, Prof. Cochise states, “The contempt and disdain that is directed toward vocational education is pernicious.
It is also quite narrow-minded. I would much rather one of my kids was a good electrician than another mediocre Sociologist major competing for a job at McDonalds or a call center.”

And finally, what truly matters besides our own take on trade school: do jobs look down on the certifications? For some reason, college course credits do take precedent over trade school course credits. However, this does not mean you can’t do a job. You have the hands-on training that frankly, sometimes, college doesn’t offer.

So there’s four of some perspectives on trade school we can look at. Ultimately, you’re a legal adult when you go to school (unless you’re some sort of child prodigy) – and it is your choice. No one can make you go to college, just like no one can make you go to trade school, and no one else can make you go get a job.

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