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Peru State College is a baccalaureate institution of public status that is located in Peru, Nebraska. Peru State College aims its education at educating individuals to the ultimate benefit of society, for an educated community is a community that is much better off. The college cultivates and kindles the nature of lifelong learning by fostering learning that takes place outside the classroom and into the depths of a student’s passion. Knowledge and discovery need to partly be discovered by oneself and can’t simply be told to a student. Students thereby engage in immersion and inquiry that teaches them for collegiate life and beyond.

Peru State College features a select variety of options for distance learners of different majors to partake in. For starters, there are online courses in wide array designed for the busy professional or working adult. Courses can be taken at any pace and in any which manner the student so desires. Students can collect their credits online and apply them towards a degree later earned on campus or at another distance learning institution, or they can peruse one of Peru State’s online degree programs.

Undergraduate students have the option of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Human Performance & Systems Management, Computer & Management Information Systems, Marketing, Criminal Justice, or Psychology. There exists also the Bachelor of Applied Science in Management. These programs are meant to work forward from an Associate’s degree towards the completion of a baccalaureate level degree and they are better referred to as degree completion programs.

At the graduate level, there is the Master of Science in Education with a major in Curriculum & Instruction or the Master of Science in Organizational Management. These are meant to work forward from a baccalaureate level qualification and they do not supply the requisites. As a whole, all of these programs are backed by the accreditation that Peru State College continually receives and degrees earned online from Peru are treated with the same authority and credit as degrees earned on campus.

For online rates, the model is simple. Undergraduate students pay $190 per course when pursuing any online degree program Graduate students pay $237.50 per course when taking their education online. There are other fees for various purposes but, for the most part, are relatively negligible.

A total of 98% of Peru State College students is receiving financial aid in some form and to some extent. Federal grants are dispersed to 41% of students attending Peru State College. State and local grants are allotted to 1 out of 5 students as a rough approximation. Peru State College itself supplies 76% of its students with various institutional grants, like scholarships and academic awards, based on a variety of factors, usually prior academic performance.

Peru State College is a college that wastes no time when getting you the education you need at a price you can afford. Distance learners have received many a benefit from Peru State College for the purposes of complete online education. Benefits will increase as time goes by as the college continues to grow and expand.

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