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If you like the colors crimson, black and white, PBU is the university for you.  Philadelphia Biblical University is also for you if you’re interested in getting a Bachelor’s of Science in Bible.  Every undergraduate student graduates with this degree, and some students can double major and receive degrees in other such areas as Business Administration, Education, Music, and Social Work.

As the university advertises, by going to Philadelphia Biblical University you can “walk a different path” by receiving a unique education centered around Christ.  One can also receive a graduate level education in such focus areas as Divinity, Organizational Leadership, and Christian Counseling.

Another unique thing about Philadelphia Biblical University is its one-year program that can be either a stand-alone program, or one can complete it prior to starting an undergraduate degree.  For instance, at PBU you have the option to participate in the Bible and Israel program.  By enrolling in this program, students study the Bible and its many implications in relation to the people of Israel.

Founded in 1913, and located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Biblical University is only about four miles away from the western border of New Jersey.  Many students come from out of state and even from out of the country.  Total university enrollment on average is between 1200 to 1400 students with undergraduate and graduate student numbers combined.  The student population majority is made up of undergraduates at around 900 students.

It is not as tough to be accepted into Philadelphia Biblical University is it would be to be accepted by an Ivy League school, for example.  The average GPA of an incoming freshman is 3.36, with the average composite ACT score being around 23.  The student population is almost equally proportioned by gender, with just a slightly higher enrollment of female students between 50 and 60%, compared to male enrollment between 40 and 50%.

The student to teacher ratio at this university is also better than it would be at a public university.  With undergraduate class sizes at an average of 19 and graduate class sizes at an average of 13, the students who attend Philadelphia Biblical University will have better opportunities at good teacher to student relationships, as opposed to attending a large public university with much larger class numbers.
Philadelphia Biblical University accepts many scholarships and financial aid.  For a full time student, tuition fees are $20,688, and the room and board cost is $8,275.  Combined with an added required fee of $200, total costs of going to PBU at the Langhorne Campus come out to be $29,163 for undergraduate students.  Philadelphia Biblical University also offers some need based scholarships based on merit.

At Philadelphia Public University, there is a very active athletic community as many students are involved in some or multiple kinds of sports.  Some sports teams at Philadelphia Biblical University for both women and men include basketball, volleyball, and cross country.  There are fourteen varsity teams all together, with seven men’s teams and seven women’s teams.  Teams from PBU are involved with the Colonial States Athletic Conference, as well as the North East Collegiate Volleyball Association.

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